At the start of any new school year, new faces on campus not only belong to incoming students but staff and faculty as well.

Here is a list of new faculty/staff members and their positions:

Atlanta Girls’: Kelly Eastwood, chief admissions officer; Krista Parker, middle and upper school director

Atlanta International: Steven Barkdoll, primary school English; Lisa Box, primary school English assistant – part-time; Victoria Bell, secondary school English; Reilly Campbell, director of athletics; Kyla Corelli, secondary school science; Samantha Credi, primary school librarian; Marlon DeLancy, secondary school humanities; Nina Deshpande, upper primary school counselor; Willie Green, secondary school biology; Theresa Hall, primary school learning support; Rosa Hawley, ELC Spanish; James Hodgkins, primary school English; Jade Jagroo, secondary school English; Wendy Miller, primary school teaching assistant; Helen Munoz, primary school English; Cecilia Nast, ELC Spanish classroom assistant; Kendra Norwood, primary school teaching assistant; Kevin Onabiyi, head of secondary school; Allison Perry, primary school English; Francois Pilot, primary school French; Sara Refai, secondary school English; Jonathan Roberts, secondary school design; Sara Roberts, primary school counselor; Ivonne Roemer, ELC classroom assistant German; Miguel Romero, secondary school PE; Glenda Pavon-Suriel, primary school teaching assistant; Sherri Sutton, secondary school theatre teacher; Katrin Sydlik, primary school German; Cecile Teste, primary school French; Kristin Walterson, secondary school theatre teaching assistant; Jonathan Zamarripa, primary school digital coach; Min “Katie” Zeng, primary school assistant

Atlanta Jewish: Elyssa Bairslow, fifth- and sixth-grade science; Justine Bush, first-grade general studies; Lauren Cohn, middle and high school math; Tzeryl Ebrams, pre-K; Carey Grucza, fourth-grade general studies; Arava Kapach, second-grade Judaic studies and Hebrew; Rabbi Eilon Kapach, high school Hebrew and Judaic studies, Mieca Levy, college counselor; Ariella Livnat, high school Hebrew; Tate Mabon, high school math, Sharon Mani, teacher of 2-year-olds, Kimberly Rosenthal, ECD assistant teacher; Carly Russo, kindergarten and second grade general studies and Mira Samber, M'silot Judaic studies

Cumberland: Shannon Heath, middle school special education; April Taylor, high school special education; Greg Bodeep, high school special education; Gloria Gomez, Spanish special education; Davy Hitson, high school special education and Susanne Ferrone, middle school special education

Ben Franklin: Hilary Druckman, math, Hebrew and English

Holy Spirit: Jose Casique, lower school faculty; John Cassandra, lower school faculty assistant; Rachel Evans, lower school faculty; Tommy Jones, math; Jenna Dwyer, Spanish; Isabelle Tsui, counselor; Mary DeFilippis, English; Cristina Dinella, performing arts and Amanda Foutch, physics and chemistry

Howard: Pam Kurkoski, lower school principal

Lovett: Carrah Olive-Hall, co-teacher; Leah Hartman, lead; Jennifer Arnold, religion; Krupal Morjana, lead; Caitlin Muldoon, lead; Kelly McPherson Applewhite, co-teacher; Sarah Hassett, co-teacher; Kathryn Ulrich, lead; Anna Grace Barry, co-teacher; Wesley Brown, social studies, DeJuan Payne, physical education; Yvonne Gibney, library; Joe Deluca, math and science; Melissa Benski, college counseling; Jeffrey Turner, history; Meg Goddard, math; Shawn Kennerson, math; Bianca Kuczynski, science; David Ecclas, orchestra; Rebecca White, orchestra; Charles Snell, chorus; Julianne Bellevue, ARC lower school; Jessica Knoop, ARC middle school; Jocelyn Paez, lower school academic tech and Fran Turner, civic and global engagement; Ally Wickman, lower school reading specialist and Marisa Dobson, ARC upper school

North Atlanta: Ben Burrow, CTAE teacher; Terrika Cannon, ESOL, Paula Chesser, CTAE teacher; William Credit, special education; Bryce Doe, special education, Jordan Grimes, art; Latonia Harris, math; Lee Hill, special education paraprofessional; Tracy Joyner, science; Anastasios Kostikas, science; Liane Lemaster, performing arts; Pamela Levett, special education; Matthew Lundy, literature; Rimma Maddox, ESOL; Aubrey Mitchell, ESOL; Adam Nelson, social studies; Robin Oliver, world languages; Akisha Ray, literature; Ray Riccio; ESOL; Kimberly Robinson, non-instructional paraprofessional; Gayle Roque, social worker, Julian Washington, math; Samantha Whitehead, science and Lekreesha Woods, math

Pace: Rachel Armitage, lower school facilitator; Kelsea Ayers, lower and middle school PE; Taylor Berry, middle school math; Tiger Brown, library assistant; Laura Butler, library assistant; Ashley Caly, study strategies teacher; Carla Contreras, visual arts; Betsy Costley, science; Paige Creasman, chief human resources officer; Mary DelDuco, associate teacher; Kellie Dominguez, business office administrative assistant; Scarlett Ferguson, associate teacher; Anna Fluevog, associate teacher; Diane Hagner, math; Jennifer Hogan, associate teacher; Molly Hurd, visual arts teacher; Paige Kagan, third grade; Wendy Lashley, administrative assistant; Tamara Maravalli, English; Melanie Pope, advancement parent organizations, Abby Schirmer, director of speech and debate; Lucy Seidel, world languages; Richard Sepanski, maintenance and grounds staff; Jordan Silverboard, academic coach; Martha Lee, teacher; Alyson Tockstein, science; Alice Trahant, advancement annual giving manager; Armando Vizcaino-Santiago, associate teacher; Chad Wabrek, associate director of athletics; Ted Ward, associate director of Isdell Center for Global Leadership; Patrice Wright-Lewis, fourth grade and Ashley Zomalt, school counselor

St. Pius X: Jessica Simmons, fine arts; Adi Brkic, world language; Avery Neelan, world language; Nic Denson, world language; Sylvia Garcia de Nichols, world language; Brennan Hamilton, world language; Nick Brigham, social studies; Austin Mall, social studies; Marcie Linsey, counseling, Carolyn Lanteime, math; Gary Leiner, math and Anthony Marshbank, math

Westminster: Pia de Leon, second grade; Jill McCarden, lower school music; Sonya Peebles, lower school music; Joel Argall, third grade; Stephanie Daughenbaugh, fifth grade; Erin Horner, third grade; Michael O'Conner, pre-first, Ashley Griffin, fourth grade; Elizabeth Moody, pre-first; Alisha Williamson, learning strategist; Christopher McSweeney, Spanish, Donovan Jackson, PE; Durrell Smith, visual arts teacher; Lauren Carter, PE; Folasade Adetoro, STEAM; Margaret Arnett, PE; Juliana Floret-Faherty, Spanish; Jim Elder, permanent substitute; Audra Brown Ward, biology; Bobby Bryant, computer science; Evan Munger, physics; Christine Chen, history; Claire Costello, English; Sam Booth, counselor; Jake Kazlow, computer science; Courtney Kane, chemistry-science lab manager; Christopher Allen, physics; Tina Davis, science; Karen McCarthy, librarian; Jaime Saunders, English; Eric Khong, English; Brent Cavedo, math and Ashley Ferriera, French

Whitefield: Jessica Bassett, science; Honey Brannon, associate director of external affairs; Nicki Brewer, English; Jonisha Campbell, teaching assistant; Sherry Campbell, counselor; Kerri Dobo, sports information director; Blake Edwards, research manager; Becky Erdelyan, teaching assistant; Julie Flores, Spanish; Kimberly Ford, art; Meredith Hawks, school nurse; Jesse Holthus, history teacher; Elizabeth Horner, Spanish; Katie King, history; Darice Morgan, teaching assistant; Anthony Myers, math; Kaci Roberts, PE; Annalee Sellers, English; Jessica Starnes, lower school teacher assistant and Danesha Ward, college counselor

Woodward: Dee Koscik, middle school principal; Jessica Parsons, middle school assistant principal; Viji Namburar, Woodward North assistant principal; Allison Vallecillo, art; Taylor Strawn, counselor; Meredith Hegarty, science; Sally Crouse, history; Thomas McKenzie, history; Chris Drew, English; Erin Wright, Spanish; Kathleen Britto, librarian; Jonathan Grainger, art and Lexus Pickett, athletic trainer


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