The science, engineering, technology and math-based education company Thimble is partnering with Atlanta Public Schools to provide STEM kits to students.

The one-million-dollar contract will last for three years, with an additional two years available as an option for the school system at the end of the term.

Thimble will be providing educational kits and online learning resources to APS’ students and teachers focused on career-based and technical learning.

With more than 55,000 students across the district, this partnership has the potential to create a significant impact across the region.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for us to provide our services and products to the public school system in Atlanta, and also to productively engage with the local community,” Thimble founder and CEO Oscar Pedroso said. “We are looking forward to a great partnership aimed at bringing valuable engineering and technology education to students across the district.”

In addition to providing its kits and resources to APS, the company will be actively engaging and establishing personal relationships with schools across Atlanta to better serve the community.

Atlanta is just one of the 18 school districts across the nation with whom Thimble has won contracts. As the partnership with APS develops, Thimble will be continuously updating and enhancing the programs offered to fit the district’s unique needs.

Whether at-home or physically in the schools, the rise in demand for quality STEM education programs has created an entire science kit industry. Thimble strives to deliver tools and programs that are carefully designed and curated to meet the needs of individual students, helping them chart a course for their future.

Thimble said they are working with APS to determine the number of kits the school system will receive. Much of that will be left to the individual schools to determine how much they need.

“We are looking forward to serving Atlanta’s schools and communities, and hopefully to expand across the southeast region of the country,” Pedroso said.


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