061919_MNS_Weber_sports_science_002 Weber student

A student hits balls in the batting cage at the new Weber Sports Science Academy.

One local school is again on the cutting edge of technology with the launch of its newest program.

The Felicia Penzell Weber Jewish Community High School in Sandy Springs May 28 announced the new Weber Sports Science Academy, featuring an Honors Diploma program designed to educate students in fields including physical therapies, sports medicine, physical training, fitness and sports management.

The academy offers exclusive opportunities for students to develop advanced knowledge and skills in these disciplines during high school, uniquely positioning them for college and careers. The revolutionary program is one of only a handful in the nation, and it joins Weber’s Daniel Zalik Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering and Design, which opened last fall.

“For scholars ranging from Maimonides in the 11th century to the founders of modern Zionism, athletics, health, and wellness have been essential cornerstones of strong Jewish communities and thriving Jewish schools,” Rabbi Ed Harwitz, Weber’s head of school, said in a news release. “The addition of the Weber Sports Science Academy advances our mission of a 21st-century Jewish high school in new and innovative ways.”

Complementing Weber’s full array of competitive athletic teams, the academy blends a rigorous academic curriculum with a practical mix of applied learning. Curriculum includes anatomy and physiology, strength and conditioning, athletic training, sports medicine, research methods and analysis, sports nutrition, and clinical internships. Students who fulfill the Honors track will earn an Honors Diploma upon graduation, paving a path for college and subsequent sports/fitness related careers.

Students have access to added resources for hands-on learning in Weber’s sports annex, an indoor facility for sport-specific training and strength and conditioning. Equipped with batting cages with retractable nets, free weights, racks, TRX suspension trainers, weighted sleds, exercise balls, myofascial release tools, the facility is staffed by experienced professional trainers and coaches. The sports annex serves the sports science students as well as athletes in every season under all weather conditions.

The Zalik Academy is just completing its pilot year and will be in full operation with the MIT-Inspired Fab Lab for the 2019-20 academic year. The institute is a comprehensive facility directed by expert professionals and an array of technological resources. The Zalik Academy supports hands-on experimentation in disciplines that include engineering, digital, three-dimensional, fashion and multi-media design, robotics, architecture and science research.


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