Editor’s note: The Neighbor is only reporting on local high schools’ scores in the Georgia Milestones end-of-course tests. For more information on the high school scores or to view the elementary and middle school scores, visit http://bit.ly/2LIcj4n.

Local high schools had mixed results on the Georgia Milestones Assessment System end-of-course tests, according to scores released July 26 by the Georgia Department of Education.

While some districts and schools scored higher than the state average in the 10 tests students took, others scored below it. The 2018-19 academic year was the fifth administration of Georgia’s new comprehensive testing system.

On the school level, Chamblee led in biology, coordinate algebra and analytic geometry, though it was the only local school to have enough test takers to register a mean scale score in those last two categories. Cross Keys in Brookhaven led in no categories.

Atlanta Classical in Buckhead led in ninth-grade literature, American literature and economics, and North Atlanta in Buckhead led in no categories. Sandy Springs’ Riverwood led in geometry, and North Springs led in no categories. Campbell, which serves Vinings students, led in Algebra 1, physical science and U.S. history.

On the district level, Cobb County led in all categories it had enough students taking a test to qualify for mean scale score. It topped the local districts in ninth-grade literature, American literature, geometry, biology, Algebra 1, economics, physical science and U.S. history. The DeKalb district was first in coordinate algebra and analytic geometry, but was the only district to have enough test takers to register a mean scale score in those two categories. The Atlanta and Fulton districts led in no categories, but announced in separate news releases they had plenty to celebrate with this year’s scores.

The Atlanta district announced it has reached its highest rates of proficiency on the test since the state first implemented the program. In 2019, that district achieved year-over-year gains in the percentage of students scoring proficient and above on 13 of 16 end-of-grade and all eight end-of-course assessments.

“I’m proud of our students, families, teachers and staff for the progress we’ve seen not only this year but also over the past five years,” Superintendent Meria Carstarphen said. “We can see the foundational work started in 2014 beginning to take effect across the district. While we have seen gains, we must continue the hard work to provide our students with a rigorous academic experience to ensure more students reach proficiency and above.”

The Fulton district announced its students continue to perform as well or better than the state average, according to the test results.

“The board is very excited to see the instructional alignment to the school district’s strategic plan producing results in third-grade reading,” Fulton County Board of Education chair Linda Bryant said. “There was an increase of 6% over last year and we are proud of the teachers and students for this effort. In all, our district’s results continue to be above the state average in almost every category and shows the dedication of our educators and students.”

In a news release, the state announced its students showed strong gains on the test. Scores increased or held steady on 25 of 26 assessments – the strongest overall gains recorded in the five years it has been administered. The percentage of students reading on grade level or above increased or held steady in every tested grade and both English language arts high school courses.

Georgia Milestones scores

9Lit Alit Geo Bio Alg Econ P.S. U.S. CA AG

Georgia 534 518 515 527 516 527 523 526 507 506

Atlanta Public Schools

District 516 504 489 504 495 497 487 509 NA NA

Atlanta Class. 568 562 524 548 510 565 NA NA NA NA

North Atlanta 555 537 518 549 509 529 NA 537 NA NA

Cobb County Schools

District 549 542 536 561 537 560 577 561 NA NA

Campbell 517 533 499 532 592 547 461 565 NA NA

DeKalb County Schools

District 515 510 NA 510 NA 521 486 524 496 497

Chamblee 552 534 NA 619 NA 550 NA 558 609 520

Cross Keys 494 479 NA 477 NA 505 447 494 507 519

Fulton County Schools

District 547 534 521 543 530 553 544 534 NA NA

North Springs 540 526 505 525 521 542 NA 537 NA NA

Riverwood 533 528 532 525 501 545 NA 532 NA NA


9Lit: ninth-grade literature; ALit: American literature and composition; Geo: geometry; Bio: biology; Alg: Algebra 1; Econ: economics; P.S.: physical science; U.S.: U.S. history; CA: coordinate algebra; AG: analytic geometry; NA: score not available because not enough students took that test or no students took it


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