Atlanta International School senior Yannie Tan said she believes more girls should pursue careers involving science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics (STEAM) and has done something about it, with the school’s blessing.

The 18-year-old Buckhead resident, who this fall will attend Stanford University and was also awarded a Coca-Cola academic scholarship, founded an organization at the school called Astutia at the beginning of the 2017-18 academic year.

“Astutia is designed to encourage young women to enter these technical fields and Atlanta International School has allowed me to create this group,” she said. “It is even more satisfying knowing the school has allowed me to do this, and the support AIS had given me to do that is one of the reasons this school means so much to me.”

Tan, who has been at the school since she was 4, said she is still undecided on a major at Stanford, but said it will be in a STEAM-related career field.

Although Tan declined to give her GPA or highest standardized test score, she said her favorite subjects are biology and economics.

“These courses have allowed me to do research outside the classroom and, for me, that is a great way to focus on my creativity and be more open-minded,” she said.

However, Tan’s skills are not just limited to the classroom as she runs track and field and cross country for the Eagles.

Her creative and innovative mindset drives her, she said, to find ways to solve problems that people, regardless of age, had not thought of before, making problem solving interesting and exciting for her.

In her limited free time, in addition to playing sports, Tan enjoys playing the piano. Though she was too humble to mention them in an interview, she has won several awards for her musical talents, including the National First Prize Piano Performance Award, according to the school’s website.

Matt Padula, Tan’s International Baccalaureate economics teacher, said she is a joy to teach.

“Yannie is smart, she works hard, is ambitious, but most importantly, is a nice and caring person, universally admired by her peers,” he said. “This is the highest praise I can give for a student; I say this having seen Yannie exhibit these traits every day in her roles as student, athlete and friend.”


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