Thomas Deans Fine Art in Buckhead will host two contrasting exhibitions featuring three artists Sept. 6 through Oct. 4.

“Thoughts Left Unspoken: Paintings by Charlie Bluett & David Brayne” will feature two British artists, and “Uncloaked: An Immersive Installation by Elyse Defoor” will spotlight the work of an Atlanta artist.

Defoor’s installation unites four bodies of work created by the artist, all of which explore the themes of memory, self-discovery and growth from a female perspective. Combined, their presence in “Uncloaked” engages and challenges viewers to contemplate the artist’s overarching concern: what it means to be human.

Bluett and Brayne, whose paintings fill the walls for “Thoughts Left Unspoken,” express two vastly different artistic points of view: Bluett’s work is abstract; Brayne’s is representational.

Bluett’s recent large paintings of overlapping, translucent shapes on pure white backgrounds have achieved widespread popularity and mesmerize viewers with entrancing color. Bluett says he found his inspiration in long walks along the New England shore collecting sea glass.

Brayne’s small, rich paintings create a personal world of lyrical memory. Figures move as in a dream, casting no shadows; sea or land and sky blend imperceptibly and harmoniously together. Tenderness pervades Brayne’s vision, which has been called “exquisitely and quintessentially beautiful.”

An opening reception is set for Sept. 6 from 6 to 8 p.m. and is free and open to the public. Thomas Deans Fine Art is located at 690 Miami Circle NE, Suite 905 in Atlanta.

For more information, visit or call 404-814-1811.


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