Prince tribute band The Purple Xperience is performing at the Byers Theatre at City Springs Oct. 15. 

The five-piece group, led by Marshall Charloff, “embodies the image, intensity and sounds” of Prince’s life. Founded in 2011 by Charloff and original Revolution band member Matt “Doctor” Fink, the Purple Xperience has entertained well over 300,000 fans, sharing stages with The Time, Cameo, Fetty Wap, Gin Blossoms, Atlanta Rhythm Section and Cheap Trick.

The Purple Xperience features Ron Caron on drums, Ron Long on bass, Tracey Blake on guitar, Cory Eischon on keys and Charloff as lead vocalist, guitar, piano and bass.

Charloff first picked up guitar after watching a his classmates before in their eighth grade talent show. After witnessing the girls cheer for the band, Charloff said he decided to before his classmate from the band.

"He showed me a few chords, and it wasn’t long after that when I received my first guitar in the mail from the Montgomery Wards Catalogue," Charloff said. "Thanks Mom!"

Since then Charloff was discovered by Pepe Willie, the same producer that first brought Prince into the studio. Charloff recorded with Willie for several years, even working with him on the famous East 94 Project with Matt (Dr Fink) on the keyboard.

Charloff, who has performed nationwide fronting world-class symphonies, styles the magic of Prince’s talent in appearance, vocal imitation and multi-instrumental capacity. Charloff and his bandmates all knew Prince, so they  perform the songs "with the utmost respect and love for its author."

Charloff said he first heard Prince while handing out with his friends. 

"When I asked who this guy was that was singing these controversial lyrics, they told me that it was a local guy named Prince," Charloff said. "I forgot all about him until I heard Little Red corvette on MTV a few years later."

Little did he know he would spend much of his adult life performing the songs of who he said is the "greatest artist of our generation, and arguably of any generation."

Of course, the performance would be incomplete without "Purple Rain."

"Although the song is far from my personal favorite, it belongs to us now, and has become an anthem for those that bleed purple," Charloff said. "In short, that song unites us all and it’s the coming together that makes it so powerful to be a part of."

The show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets range from $30 to $40. For tickets and more information, visit


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