It may be described as a coffee-table book, but it is a history of one of Atlanta’s most prominent communities in Atlanta, Historic Brookhaven.

Published in August, the book is entitled “The Storied Houses of Brookhaven” and was written by architect Richard Diedrich. He was helped by Brookhaven Libretto Committee, a group of residents who gave input on the project. The book describes in detail more than 90 Historic Brookhaven homes and took more than four years to complete.

In addition to photos of the homes, the book also includes a number of watercolor illustrations of homes in the area, done by Diedrich himself (he was not available for an interview).

According to Cathy Boston, a real estate agent and Historic Brookhaven resident who played a key role in the book being developed, a number of years ago a group of Brookhaven residents began discussing the number of historic homes in the area, especially with Historic Brookhaven being on the National Historic Register.

“Few people outside Brookhaven know that this community was the first community in the area that was developed around a golf course,” Boston said. “There are other golf courses in existence in Brookhaven, but we are the only community that was specifically built as a golf course community.”

However, as more people became interested in living in the community, the neighborhood began to change as new residents began making modifications to the homes and even replaced some of the old, historic construction with new construction.

“However, many of our residents thought it was important to preserve the historic look and feel of the neighborhoods which became the genesis for the creation of the book,” Boston said. “The genesis of the book was to highlight the historic nature of these homes and celebrate that aspect of how they came about.”

The book, which also contains facts and stories about these historic homes, is available with unsigned copies being $85 and signed copies $125. It can be ordered by visiting

“The entire neighborhood is very excited about this book and I have purchased some of the books to share with others,” Boston said.


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