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Members of the Junior League of Atlanta gather with their black dresses/outfits on to celebrate the Little Black Dress Initiative to address generational poverty.

This week the Junior League of Atlanta Inc. is raising awareness of generational poverty in a unique way.

Through Oct. 25, the organization is hosting the Little Black Dress Initiative, its fifth annual fundraiser to both make others aware of the issue and raise funds to help eliminate it. The initiative is part of a global movement to address the impact of generational poverty.

“Advocates wear one black dress (or outfit) for five consecutive days to illustrate the effects poverty can have on a woman’s access to resources, her confidence and professional opportunities,” a news release stated. “Each advocate also wears a pin that reads “Ask Me About My Dress,” which invites dialogue among colleagues, friends and strangers about this important initiative.”

Through its first four years, the Junior League of Atlanta’s initiative has raised thousands of dollars for programs to address generational poverty in the city.

Beyond advocating on generational poverty at the government and local levels, the league also partners with many organizations that help support those in generational poverty. Its volunteers help package goods at the Atlanta Community Food Bank, give resume workshops at the Atlanta Women’s Shelter and provide childcare at the Atlanta Children’s Shelter so parents can work without worry.

Advocates will raise awareness across the city, including at their workplaces and neighborhoods. They will also promote the cause on their social networks by using the hashtag #LDBIJLA and tagging @JLAtlanta on Twitter and Instagram. Donations can be made at https://lbdijla.causevox.com/.

Georgia is among the worst states in the nation for child poverty, with one in five kids in the state living in food-insecure homes. Being raised in poverty is one of the greatest threats to healthy child development, and poverty and financial stress can impede a child’s cognitive development and their ability to learn.

For more information, visit www.jlatlanta.org/little-black-dress-initiative.


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