International peace nonprofit Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light has opened its doors in Atlanta with the mission of spreading peace across the southeast.

Founded in 2013, HWPL is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with the goal of achieving world peace and the cessation of war. With over 173 branches around the world, HWPL, in conjunction with the International Women’s Peace Group and the International Peace Youth Group, is actively working to bring sustainable solution for peace.

As a Korean War Veteran, Chairman Man Hee Lee recalls the atrocities committed against the innocent civilians mostly the youth the midst of war and vowed to dedicate himself to bring an end to armed conflicts. Since then, Lee has tirelessly pursued to leave the legacy of peace to the future generations by working with government officials and legal experts to create a new law for peace that will bring an end to all wars.

“We hope that through the work of HWPL, citizens of Atlanta can continue making strides and efforts to make Atlanta into a city of peace, despite the challenges that come along the way,” head public relations coordinator Camilla Hughes said. “For all youth, men, and women to advocate for peaceful relations and become peacemakers in their communities.”

HWPL Atlanta has already held several events to support peace in the city. In June 2021, HWPL partnered with Friends of Refugees Providing Education and Empowerment to provide a soccer field and peace education for children refugees living in Clarkston.

A month later, HWPL’s International Youth Peace Group held its virtual ‘Release the Peace’ concert.

“Peace to me is a culture that transcends religion, ideology, ethnicity, and nations to guide humanity in order to promote harmonious co-existence and development of the international society,” Hughes said. “We can achieve peace through working together to create a world of peace without war with the Citizens of the world at the center. As our Chairman recently said at the 2021 September 18th Peace Summit, ‘The highest level of science in this globe was nuclear weapons. We must put an end to such wars, and create a world of peace and paradise as an eternal inheritance.’”

In addition to hosting events, HWPL also provides free peace education curriculum to schools. The curriculum provides a fundamental understanding of the basic principles that human beings must observe for peace to be created — the sanctity of life, loyalty and filial piety, and co-existence and sustainability.

HWPL Peace Education is to enlighten students and cultivate talented individuals with the values and spirit of peace, this is very important to society because it will play a pioneering role in spreading the culture of peace among humanity,” public relations coordinator Von Michaels said.

Atlanta was originally set to host the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates; however, HWPL said leaders pulled the summit out of Atlanta due to the rising crime rates, issues of equity, the economy and the change of the political profile. Leaders hope to hold the event in 2023.

“Atlanta has been known as the epicenter for major civil rights movements known for public figures like Martin Luther King, Jr., Jimmy Carter, and Former Ambassador Andrew Young,” Hughes said. “As the city has risen to national and international prominence through contribution to the nonviolent struggle for equal rights, it has become a catalyst to make peace an active possibility.”

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