Illuminarium Experience ‘O’KEEFFE: One Hundred Flowers’ will allow guests to walk among the iconic painting of Georgia O’Keefe beginning April 28.

‘O’KEEFFE: One Hundred Flowers’ will take guests on an immersive experience of color, texture, scent and interactivity through the iconic floral paintings of O’Keeffe, who is known as the ‘Mother of American Modernism.’

Presented in custom-designed venues, Illuminarium surrounds visitors in a sensory space of sight, sound and scale unlike any other, providing boundless experiences and a personal connection to the world around them. With a fully customizable canvas, Illuminarium is the ideal location for special events, group outings, and viewing parties.

The show brings the beauty of these works to life by amplifying the images on an unprecedented scale, to create a stimulating art experience that transports audiences directly into living paintings inspired by the best-selling art book.

“Georgia O’Keeffe is one of the most admired Modernist painters and a celebrated icon for her crusade in creating a space for female artists,” Illuminarium Experiences CEO Alan Greenberg said. “We are inviting the public to experience her work like never before — a showcase of living-and-breathing virtual gardens of her most acclaimed pieces.”

The treasured floral stills are synced with a powerful all-female soundtrack creating a multisensory artistic vision available exclusively via Illuminarium’s unique platform.

“For fans of O’Keeffe and the book Georgia O’Keeffe: One Hundred Flowers, this is the only opportunity for viewers to interact directly with her work, some of which is not on public display,” Greenberg said. “For those not familiar with her art, this is a fantastic introduction, and we hope guests will continue their education well after their visit to Illuminarium.”

Tickets for ‘O’KEEFFE: One Hundred Flowers’ are now available for purchase. Evening programming at Illuminarium begins nightly at 7 p.m. for adults 21+. For more information and to purchase tickets, guests may


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