The term “Volta” is a Latin word which refers to a sudden about face, a change in an emotion or idea. But it is also used to describe the energy of performers in Cirque du Soleil’s newest production.

“Volta” is coming to the big top in Atlantic Station Oct. 10 through Jan. 5.

“With our show, there is never a dull moment in any of the performances,” said Joey Arrigo, who plays Waz, the lead character in “Volta.” “The acts are accompanied by a magnificent musical score, composed in such a fashion to not only retain our loyal fan base that have enjoyed our shows in years past, but also will appeal to, and attract, a younger fan base.”

In “Volta” Waz is a game show contestant who has lost touch with himself and is ashamed of who he is because he’s different than others, according to a production summary on its website. In his search for fame to gain love and acceptance, he discovers something else.

According to a show news release, “Volta” is “driven by a stirring melodic score and inspired in part by the adventurous spirit that fuels the culture of street sports … (as) a story of transformation.”

The show includes performers on BMX bikes and double-dutch rope skipping. “Volta” is Cirque’s 41st original production since 1984 and its 18th show presented under the big top, the release stated.

“Volta” explores the themes of celebrating differences and unique qualities in a world, especially those in human beings, where technology often isolates people from one another. The show weaves acrobatics in a visually striking fashion, which is driven by the company’s new musical score, which accompanies each acrobatic or aerial group’s performance, the release stated.

Arrigo, who has been with Cirque for six years, said the show sends a strong message about individuals loving the person they are.

“This message is delivered through Cirque du Soleil fashion with world-class acrobatics and other acts of physical ability, endurance and agility,” he said.

Steven Ross, the show’s spokesman, said “Volta” persuades individuals to think that no matter how different one may think he or she is, “We are beautiful in our own way, and that beauty is what sets you apart.”

In addition to providing an energetic but thought-provoking show, Ross said Cirque is also enhancing Atlanta’s economy. The production will hire 200 local residents for various nonperformance positions.

“In this way, we feel we are also having a good impact on the local economy,” he said.

Tickets start at $49. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit or call 1-877-924-7783.


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