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Celtic Woman includes, from left, Tara McNeill, Chloë Agnew, Megan Walsh and Mairéad Carlin.

Celtic Woman, the most successful all-female group in Irish history, is coming to Atlanta.

The foursome’s Celebration – The 15th Anniversary Tour, which is visiting more than 80 North American cities this year from Feb. 27 through June 7, will stop at the Fox Theatre in Midtown March 6 for a performance at 8 p.m. Doors open at 7 p.m.

The Grammy Award-nominated, multi-platinum international music group has over one billion online streams, 12 consecutive Billboard No. 1 hits, and 10 million albums sold. It has performed for three presidents and appeared twice at the White House in addition to regular visits to the top performing arts centers in North America and around the world.

Also, Chloë Agnew, an original member of Celtic Woman, has rejoined the group as a special guest artist for this tour. She first joined Celtic Woman when she was only 15, performing around the world for a decade and being featured on 14 albums and DVDs. Agnew returns to the show to celebrate the 15-year anniversary, showcasing the group’s greatest hits from a decade and a half of live performances, television specials and recordings.

“This year … feels like the right time to come home to where it all began,” she said in a news release. “I am thrilled to say that I will be returning to the show. … I have loved watching the girls carry on the legacy of Celtic Woman in recent years, and I’m so looking forward to bringing back a little piece of the original show into the new one. It’s going to be an exciting few months ahead getting to return to lots of my favorite cities and venues throughout North America.”

The release stated Celtic Woman performances “celebrate Ireland’s rich musical and cultural heritage, presenting Ireland’s finest musical talent in epic stage surroundings for a one-of-a-kind experience.”

The group includes Tara McNeill on fiddle and Irish harp and singers Agnew, Mairéad Carlin and Megan Walsh. According to the release, they tell “unique stories of love and loss and hope through songs that transport audiences straight to Ireland.”

Celtic Woman also has a 12-piece band and choir chosen from Ireland’s top musicians and dancers.

Tickets range from $43 to $154, plus fees, and can be purchased by visiting www.celticwoman.com or www.foxtheatre.org.

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