Ian Winslade has slayed the culinary giant known as Bobby Flay.

Winslade, partner/executive chef at Mission + Market restaurant in Buckhead, won a competition against the celebrity chef in an episode of “Beat Bobby Flay” that aired Aug. 29 on the Food Network.

“It’s been so hard keeping this a secret from my friends, family and supporters of the restaurant,” Winslade, a Buckhead resident, said in a news release. “I was approached by Food Network and invited to travel to New York this past April to film. The show really pushed me out of my comfort zone. Everything was over in the blink of an eye, but it was such an incredible experience that I will never forget.”

In the 30-minute show, Winslade appeared in an episode titled “A Proper Smackdown,” where he met Southern chef Geoff Rhyne in the first round, with the winner facing Flay. Flay required both chefs to make a dish that incorporated Asian pears, the secret ingredient of the episode.

Allowed only 20 minutes to develop and create the dish, Winslade won celebrity judges Valerie Bertinelli and Clinton Kelly over with an Asian pear salad crafted with Fresno chili, ginger and a Yuzu vinaigrette.

For the ultimate challenge against Flay, Winslade was allowed to select a signature dish of his preference.

“There were many dishes I would have loved to make, but fisherman’s pie felt right. It was a traditional dish I grew up eating as a kid, and it perfectly showcased my roots growing up in Waltham Chase, England,” Winslade said. “It’s extremely challenging to produce a high-quality fish dish in such a high-intensity environment and short time frame – 45 minutes to be exact. Competing against Bobby and walking away with a win was definitely a bucket list item for me.”

Winslade, who has lived in Atlanta since 1994, has been at Mission + Market since it opened in April 2018. In an interview before the show aired, Winslade couldn’t divulge much about what happened during that episode, but he talked about the time spent filming it.

“The show itself is intense,” he said. “It was quite an experience. It’s quite a production. There were at least 50 or 60 people working on the set. It’s … a major league production. The actual time segments of it were in real time, but there was a lot of stopping and starting in between.

“It was very interesting and also a very long day. Including all the interviews, I was there almost 13 hours.”

Another Atlanta chef, Cape Dutch’s Philippe Haddad, appeared on the show during its previous season, and that episode will re-air starting Sept. 12 at 11 p.m.

For more information on “Beat Bobby Flay,” visit https://bit.ly/2vO76vs.


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