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Brookhaven resident Tanya Sam is featured on ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta.’ / Special

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” a Bravo television reality show, delivers the best in food, fashion, beauty, design and pop culture, according to a news release.

Now, it has added another element to that program’s repertoire of features: technology entrepreneurship for women and minorities, thanks to Brookhaven resident Tanya Sam, who started appearing on the show in November, when Season 11 premiered.

The Toronto native moved to Brookhaven in 2012 from Florida. She is engaged to Paul Judge, a technology entrepreneur and investor, and said she is passionate about creating pathways for more women, and minorities to go into business, especially in the technology field.

Sam, the director of partnerships at TechSquare Labs, a Midtown-based technology startup hub. According to her website, she cofounded BuiltxWomen, a business accelerator for female entrepreneurs, and leads Ascend 2020, a technology startup and small business pre-accelerator for minority and female founders.

Sam became involved in the series after moving to Atlanta and getting to know a number of women already on the show.

“They planted the bug in my ear about what I could bring to the show as a woman entrepreneur in the technology field, and I thought it could showcase a lot of what I do in my business,” she said.

Her regular appearances on the show, which airs new episodes Sundays from 8 to 9 p.m., have proven to be a great addition. She has been on more than half of this season’s episodes.

Formally a registered nurse, she moved to Atlanta to work in the oncology department at Northside Hospital in Sandy Springs, but her entrepreneurial spirit led her to the technology field.

“One of the main reasons being on this television show interested me was that I hoped I could provide a different perspective for Atlanta women from a professional standpoint,” she said. “Although many women have become successful in their own right, there has been a lot of talk about more women getting into the technology field.

“With the diversity in technology and my work in that field, I thought I could provide information to women who might be thinking of moving into it.”

Sam said she has already met a lot of women who have seen her on the show and have expressed to her their appreciation “concerning my approach to technology from a woman’s point of view.”

“I have found it has been so nice talking with people, especially women, about getting into the technology field,” she said.

A Bravo representative was not available for an interview regarding Sam’s contributions to the show and Season 11, but a news release previewing the season provided a hint of what to expect from her on the show.

“Marlo Hampton is back on the scene, joined by newcomer Tanya Sam, a tech-savvy businesswoman who enjoys the finer things in life,” the release stated.

For more information, visit https://bravo.ly/2NEnTvH.


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