The Forward Arts Foundation celebrated the opening of its annual Flea Market that had been canceled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic Sept. 15.

It was a long-awaited fete for the original flock honoring “The Dirty Dozen,” the 12 women who founded the Forward Arts Foundation in 1965. The Dirty Dozen included Louise Allen, Elkin Alston, Frances Carmichael, Anne Cox Chambers, Fanny Cocke, Virginia Courts, Sylvia Ferst, Isabelle Kennedy, Nora Maddox, Sara Moore, Catherine Nunnally and Josephine Robinson.

Guests were treated to buying treasures of antique furniture, designer clothing and jewelry, original art and housewares in a large tent on the grounds of the Swan Coach House.

The dedication and creativity of Flea chairmen Jane Goetz, Helen Izlar and Julie Rackley was evident in every detail including displaying the portraits of each founding member at the event. The Swan Coach House catered the event.

“We were extremely pleased with the 2021 SCH flea market. After not having the Flea last year, it was great to see the crowds shopping under the tent at the Swan Coach House parking lot,” Flea Chair Helen Izlar said. “We appreciate the support from our sponsors and patrons. It was a wonderful week!”

Event sponsors were Dorsey Alston- Tracey T. DeRosa, Mallory Fowler, and the Beery Cummings Group, Campbell and Brannon, Lanigan Insurance Group, Lucy’s Market, Fidelity Charitable, Boutee Tree, the Atlanta History Center, and Classic Design Services.


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