Curious George, the most famous and inquisitive monkey many children know, is coming to Atlanta and bringing his curiosity with him.

Kids and their parents are invited to be inquisitive with the new “Curious George: Let’s Get Curious!” interactive exhibit, which opens at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta downtown Sept. 21, and closes Jan. 5.

Those attending the exhibition are invited to explore the neighborhood where Curious George lives with his best buddy, The Man with the Yellow Hat, as young guests are challenged to discover the magic of Curious George’s neighborhood, a news release on the exhibit stated.

“’Curious George: Let’s Get Curious!’ is a natural fit for Children’s Museum of Atlanta, as it reinforces learning through the power of play,” Jane Turner, the museum’s executive director, said in the release. “From exploring the physics behind mini golf to solving the math behind weighing and counting produce, this experience will spark little ones’ imaginations and sense of discovery.”

According to the release, this exhibition, with its highly interactive experience, will inspire little ones’ natural curiosity as they discover science, math and engineering through play.

While visiting Curious George’s neighborhood, young visitors can operate pulleys and levers at his apartment, weigh fruits and vegetables at the neighborhood produce stand, design a building at the construction site and care for animals at the local farm, in addition to other interesting elements of the exhibit.

In addition, the museum’s Imaginators will be performing the mini-musical “Kid Detective” while the exhibit is on display in the museum.

This mini-performance will take audience members on a hunt as they follow clues with Kid Detective Jo as he tries to help his friend Bumble find his way home.

According to Stacey Lucas, director of strategic advancement and marketing for the museum, this is a fun exhibit, “and is all about key concepts in STEM learning for families, as the exhibition creates a familiar city cape with the books that help facilitate learning.”

Being an interactive exhibit, she said, children and adults can have fun together as they learn about wind power at the farm by building their own turbines.

This is done, Lucas said, as the children can move six simple, children-level, machines inside George’s apartment by moving a model of Curious George using pulleys and math concepts with the use of either a yardstick or pretend bananas to measure building blocks for construction.

Lucas said this exhibit is special for children and their parents as Curious George has been an iconic figure in children’s literature since 1941 when the first book by H.A. and Margaret Rey was published.

“The television series (first) appeared in 2006 and reinforced the books and provided new ways to learn,” she said. “Children love to explore environments that they have read about or watched on television, and the familiarity of the subject matter helps to make it even easier to learn and create a stronger memory for our young visitors.”

Tickets, which cost less if ordered online, vary according the day of the week and the time visitors want to come. However, the price range for on-site tickets is from $15.95 to $18.95. The museum is located at 275 Centennial Olympic Park Drive in Atlanta.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit


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