Products created by companies owned by two Buckhead residents are on Oprah Winfrey’s Favorite Things 2019 list, a group of 80 products the media mogul has recommended as holiday gifts or must-have items.

The BlendSmart2 Holiday Glow Set, which costs $98, is made by Worth Beauty, a Houston-based beauty products company co-owned by Buckhead resident Carol Martin. The Perfect Black Pant Collection, which starts at $110 each, is created by Spanx, the Buckhead-based clothing and undergarment company owned by Buckhead resident Sara Blakely.

Martin, who co-founded Worth Beauty with Steve Machiorlette and another individual who no longer has a stake in the company, said she’s “proud and excited” to see one of her products make Oprah’s coveted list.

“It’s something we’ve worked on for three years,” she said of the campaign to get on the list. “The brush has been out for some time, but you have thousands and thousands of people who try to get on her list. It (finally) happened this year.”

According to Martin, the brush “applies fast and flawlessly.”

“It gives an airbrushed look to anybody’s makeup, any kind of makeup,” she said, adding the glow set includes interchangeable brush heads.

Martin worked as a fashion model in the beauty industry for more than 25 years before starting a cosmetic surgery consulting business.

“While experimenting with the makeup for one of my clients, (with) the makeup I was using, you had to twirl the brush to get the results you wanted, and I had hurt my wrist,” she said. “I thought, ‘Surely there’s a brush out there that exists,’ and it was invented out of need.”

An email sent to Spanx’s press office seeking comment on its product was not returned by the Neighbor’s deadline.

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