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From left, Hunter Ewing and Bo Wilkins recently opened High Ground Co., a Buckhead-based firm specializing in insurance services.

Like an on-again, off-again couple, Hunter Ewing and Bo Wilkins have joined forces once more.

Oct. 1, the duo opened High Ground Co., a Buckhead-based firm specializing in insurance services. The two started working together in the mid-1990s at Northwestern Mutual, where they each spent seven years at the same time.

They then joined a locally owned insurance planning firm and were both there for 12 years before Wilkins left in 2011 and started his own company, Wilkins Insurance Group. Ewing departed two years later and founded his own business, Ewing & Co. They partnered up again to give clients more than they could individually.

“I think we are able to serve the client better with both minds and efforts coming together than as us individually apart,” said Wilkins, a Buckhead resident. “It’s where two plus two doesn’t equal four; it equals six. (When) you put two people’s collective 50 years in the business together as a team along with the rest of our team, that’s a stronger service model for the client.”

Ewing, a Sandy Springs resident, added, “It is true that two heads think better than one. That’s obviously important, and the kinds of projects we want to work on are more significant in nature. The more brainpower and looking into the situation (we have), the better job we can do.

“Bo and I have been working together for 25 years and you put all those things together, you get a better outcome. … It’s going to allow us to be more competitive in situations where we might not normally be competitive. Some people want to work with a larger firm than a standalone business.”

High Ground has five employees in Atlanta and four more in Austin, Texas.

“We work with closely held businesses to help them solve problems as it relates to taxes, business succession and cash flow,” Wilkins said.

Said Ewing, “The problems we solve for affluent individuals and families are problems related to risk, problems associated with taxation and risk management.”

The duo, who have 52 years of experience combined, said their personalities complement each other well.

“Bo sees the big picture really well, and I tend to be more a minutia guy,” Ewing said. “It’s great to have that balancing act, if you will.”

Said Wilkins, “We both know what those skills are and aren’t. Having that deep friendship, we know how to use those to our advantage. Secondly, we have a hell of a lot of fun together, and we trust each other.”

Ewing said he came up with the company name after having an epiphany.

“I was hiking by the Chattahoochee River at Indian Trail (the East Palisades park in Sandy Springs),” he said. “It was a humid morning and I got to the top of this hill and got a breath of fresh air. I said (to myself), ‘It’s really good to be on this high ground.’ In the military you’re in an advantageous position when on the high ground. In a flood, you would want to be on the high ground. When you want (have) the good perspective on (anything), we thought ‘high ground.’ For us it’s part of tag line, which is ‘protection, perspective and advantage.’”

For more information, visit www.highgroundcompany.com.


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