If one Googles the word “kefi,” one would find it is a Greek word which means the spirit of joy, fun and enthusiasm.

However, when that word is used in the context of a family gathering for fun activities designed so that family unit may enjoy a fun time together, it takes on a new meaning. There is a new business, Kefi, opening in Buckhead Aug. 31. It offers families a new way to explore the extraordinary and important role of play in their children’s lives, a news release on the facility stated.

Kefi is a described by its CEO, Drew Panayiotou, as a “playtainment paradise for families where kids can enjoy a wonderland of the latest toys and other kid-friendly adventures and activities.” He said his concept of “playtainment” will draw children and families to Kefi more often than another similar business such as Main Event.

However, in this new idea relating to family fun time, parents can choose to join their kids on Kefi adventures or take time by themselves in other rooms within the facility and still know their kids are safe and having fun, the release stated.

The 25,000-square-foot facility at 3637 Peachtree Road, which formerly was an H.H. Greg location, is, according to the release, designed for the whole family and combines technology, immersive storytelling and thoughtful design to offer weekly “we time” and “me time” under the same roof.

“For kids, Kefi is a wonderland where they can place themselves inside stories, create their own music and enjoy the latest toys,” Panayiotou said.

Parents can choose to join their kids on Kefi play adventures, spend time as a family in the high-end coffee bar and café or take time for themselves in parent-only co-working and relaxation areas built just for them, the release stated.

“A two-hour pass to Kefi is priced at $14.99 per person, which includes access to all areas of the facility. Children 11 months old or younger are admitted free,” Panayiotou said.” Memberships start at $99 a month.

Once inside, children are outfitted with Kefi play bracelets, which use technology to keep kids safe on site and enable digital play experiences that families can access at home.

In addition, magic handwashing stations scrub away germs before entry and Kefi Playsmiths, full-time childhood learning experts, welcome and guide children through experiences like the Storycave, BeatBox, Toy-tropolis, Kefi Studios and other adventures.

Family brands looking to provide an immersive experience around their properties can integrate content and toys directly into Kefi play environments, bringing the toy testing and buying experience full-circle for families and toy makers, the release stated.

For example, a new children’s movie might host its premier in Storycave and launch an interactive game featuring the movie’s characters. Toymakers might also demonstrate toys in Kefi Studios, allowing kids and parents to play with and test the toys in the Toy Testing Lab and offer them for purchase onsite or online.

“Kefi offers a physical and technological way for families to learn and connect through play,” Panayiotou said.

Drawing from his time at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and Best Buy, Panayiotou focused on developing high-tech solutions for Kefi that empower families to take control of their experience.

He looked to his creative partner, Barry Williams, to design the layout and engineer the immersive, story-driven play experiences for families, the release stated.

For more information, visit www.playkefi.com.


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