Buckhead-based insurance firm High Ground Co. celebrated its second anniversary with a cocktail hour gala Oct. 28.

Founded in 2019 by Hunter Ewing and Bo Wilkins, High Ground Co. specialized in insurance services. Ewing and Wilkins started working together in the mid-1990s at Northwestern Mutual for seven years before moving to a locally owned insurance firm. After spending around 11 years there, the pair left and each began their own companies — Wilkins Insurance Group and Ewing and Co.

The duo reunited in 2019 to start High Ground Co., which focuses on wealth protection, business succession planning and corporate strategies. According to the firm’s website, the company’s “personalized experience is designed to build relationships and trust.”

“I think we are able to serve the client better with both minds and efforts coming together than as us individually apart,” Wilkins told Neighbor Newspapers in 2019. “It’s where two plus two doesn’t equal four; it equals six. (When) you put two people’s collective 50 years in the business together as a team along with the rest of our team, that’s a stronger service model for the client.”

Now, two years and a global pandemic later, the company celebrated its anniversary in person.

“We are most proud of building a great team and incredible culture,” Wilkins said. “We are very intentional about building something that is going to outlast us (Hunter and Bo), and we feel like we are well on our way.”

Both Wilkins and Ewing and looking forward to the future of the company and their partnership.

“Our goals moving forward are to continue to grow by attracting great young talent and a place for them to enjoy their careers,” Wilkins said. “If we do that, we know we’ll be able to provide great service and advice to our clients now and in the future.”

For more information, visit www.highgroundcompany.com/.


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