Usually when one puts a decal on some surface, it is difficult, if not impossible, to remove.

However, Atlanta resident C.K. Tan and his daughter, Yannie, a junior at the Atlanta international School in Buckhead, have developed STiKidotz, a customized, brightly colored, three-dimensional art pixel which can be affixed on a surface and can be redesigned at will or removed entirely and developed into a new design.

According to C.K., the base of the unit is made of soft silicone, which is flexible and can be shaped or even cut into any desired shape.

“The designs are created on the sticker’s silicone base using colorful pixels, small individual pixel pieces that are affixed to a 4X4 perforated block, where the pixels can be easily separated so as to precisely fit on the sticker base in any design,” he said.

These blocks, C.K. said, can be used to create and craft unique pixelated designs on the base that can be affixed to any surface and remain there until removed by hand, whereupon the shape or design can be changed if desired.

“Kids can spell out their name or favorite phrases, build shapes and characters or create abstract designs,” he said.

Although his STiKidotz creation is still in what C.K. called its “infant stages,” he said he expects it to be available in stores soon.

The Dotz Co., which C.K. founded in 2014 and is located on Sheridan Road in Buckhead, is a pixel art company where all the artwork is created by dots, a Lego-like concept which is actually two-dimensional but has the appearance of being three-dimensional.

Because STiKidotz is a family business, C.K. brought his creation to Yannie for her opinion. She immediately suggested a change of design in the product to enhance its ability to stick to surfaces, adding an adhesive should be affixed to the base of the product so it would stick better to most any surface.

“I wanted kids or adults who played with STiKidotz to do so using any surface and not just be limited to developing their different shapes and designs on a floor,” Yannie said. “With the adhesive backing, STiKidotz can be affixed to anything from a refrigerator to a car bumper, which would give those who use this product more opportunities to display their creations affixed to different surfaces.”

The adhesive also allowed STiKidotz to be shaped into a decal, such as that of an NFL team, that Yannie said would attract a larger audience base of children and adults. She said STiKidotz can even be used by Alzheimer’s disease patients to help stimulate their minds and enhance their creativity.

“STiKidotz not only develops one’s creative nature, but with the adhesive, (it) gives people a chance to display their creations on many different surfaces,” she said.

C.K. has launched the KickStarter fundraising program to get STiKidotz “off the ground,” and as of Sept. 21, it had raised $5,057, just over its $5,000 goal. When in production, the toys will be assembled and packaged in Atlanta, he said.

C.K. said he plans for STiKidotz to be available by Oct. 1 on the company’s website as well as and later in most major toy stores.

For more information on STiKidotz, visit


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