The Buckhead Business Association handed out its annual public safety and service awards at its signature luncheon June 13 at the J.W. Marriott Atlanta Buckhead hotel.

The organization honors first responders to raise awareness of these unsung heroes’ efforts to keep the community safe, and also lauds one member for his or her commitment to the nonprofit.

Bruce Salzinger, DC, CCSP, owner of Chiropractic Healthcare of Buckhead, won the Karl A. Bevins Service Award, which is named after a longtime member who died in 2011. Like Bevins, Salzinger is a veteran member of the association and heavily involved with the group.

As in previous years, the organization handed out its public safety awards to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office and the Atlanta police and fire rescue departments. First up was the fire rescue department. Sgt. Duane Grandison, Sgt. Michael Sterling and Lt. William Mallory were lauded for putting out a house fire in December.

“The three firefighters we honor today truly represent the best of Atlanta Fire Rescue,” said association member David Coxon, who presented the awards. “… They were called out to a multilevel house fire. As the first responders they lead the charge and were able to save over 70% of the dwelling. In the process they also helped to save two cats that were still in the house. The efforts of these officers demonstrated that the life of an animal was worth the same amount of effort as a human life. So I guess you can say this is kind of your stereotypical cat rescue story.”

Next up was the sheriff’s office, and Deputy Brandon Lewis was honored for helping save a man while on assigned to the county courthouse in January.

“The deputy we honor today is a perfect example of how quick thinking and excellent training can save a life,” Coxon said. “… Lewis a nine-year veteran of the department and a member of the SWAT team. … “He heard a call on his radio and ran to the cafeteria where he found a dialysis patient lying on the floor where his line had burst and blood was spewing from his arm. After asking for permission to help the victim, Deputy Lewis began to apply pressure to the bleeding.

“When a fellow deputy arrived, he showed her how to apply the pressure while he removed a tourniquet from his belt and affixed securely above the area. All the while making sure the injured person remained calm, providing encouragement and reassurance. We are deeply honored to recognize Deputy Brandon Lewis for the efforts he employed to protect, serve and resolve a lifesaving incident.”

The police award went to Officers Charles Tierney, Christopher Davis and Brittney Williams for their role in saving a man trapped in a burning vehicle after a car wreck in August.

“When they arrived the car was on fire and there was still a person inside the car,” Coxon said. “Officers Davis and Tierney immediately pulled the fire extinguishers from their cars and started to extinguish the fire. Officer Williams entered the burning vehicle and confirmed that the passenger’s legs were under the mangled dash board. Officer Williams freed the victim’s legs and pulled him into the backseat. Then Officer Tierney assisted her in extricating the victim from the burning car.

“Seconds after the officers freed the victim, the vehicle erupted into flames and was fully engulfed. Officers Tierney, Davis and Williams exhibited the highest level of professionalism and bravery. Had they not responded so quickly and decisively, the entrapped passenger would probably not be with us today.”


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