The following local high schools have retiring teachers and staff members this year:

Atlanta Classical: none

Atlanta Country Day: none

Atlanta Girls’: Billie Mears (English, sixth-grade dean, 16 years in education, eight at school), Peggy Hasty (director of upper school, 47 and 17)

Atlanta Jewish: none

Brandon Hall: none

Campbell: First Sgt. Kathryn Burns (JROTC instructor, 21.5 years teaching, all at Campbell; 20 years with the U.S. Army), Shirley Major (English teacher, 13 years teaching, 11 at school)

Cumberland: none

Ben Franklin: none

Galloway: Peter Emmons (director of 4D learning, 15 years), Peggy Hilleary (early learning support teacher, 49 years)

Holy Innocents’: Ann Faye (lower school substitute coordinator, 44 years at school), Ellen Blake (fifth-grade assistant teacher, 39 and 37), Cathy Armada (pre-kindergarten teacher, 41 and 38), Cindy Harder (physical education department head, 39 and 31)

Holy Spirit: Linda Anthony (director of special projects, 21 years in education, 15 at school), Donna Hayley (director of lower school student success, 45 and 10)

Howard: Jon Fredericks (high school teacher, 30 years at school), Mike Hamilton (physical education teacher, 30)

Lovett: Donna Becker (kindergarten, 29 years in education, 28 at Lovett, Tricia Buce (kindergarten, 21 and 21), Matt Callihan (middle school math, 21 and 3), Jordan Clark (U.S. history, 9 and 9), Steve Franks (athletic director, 37 and 15), Cynthia Frazier (academic resource center learning specialist, 10 and 10), Mike Sanders (upper school math, 40 and 26), Nancy Skinner (head nurse, 16 and 16), Buddy Warren (middle school physical education, 50 and 16), Susan Wingate (science, 40 and 25)

Marist: Odile Basarich (French, 32 years), Mary Dozier (cafeteria cashier, 21), Theta Sharp (receptionist, 20), Chris Heldreth (payroll and benefits, seven)

Mount Vernon: NA

North Atlanta: none

Pace: France Dorman (upper school visual arts, 37 years in education, 34 at school), Beck McRae (third-grade associate teacher, 20 and 11), Linda Teague (middle and upper school librarian, 26 and 23), Tim Walsh (assistant director of athletics, 38 and four), Robert Wood (director of maintenance, 15 and 15)

Riverwood: Sally Page (counselor, 26 years in education, nine at school), Cynthia Litchfield, (special education math) Editor’s note: This list submitted by the school may be incomplete and could be added to at a later date.

St. Pius X: none

Weber: NA

Wesleyan: Claire Graham (lower school teacher, 35 years in education, 21 at school), Ann Jackson (lower school teacher, 41 and 33), Pam Miller (lower school teacher, 24 and 15), Annette Parks Tumy (lower school after-care director, 26 and 26), Richard Staz (theater shop supervisor, 23 and 23), Jane Widner (lower school teacher, 22 and 14)

Westminster: Jill Allen (lower school Bible values, 32 years), Becky Duster (lower school music, 21), Ken Gibson (upper school science, 19), Carla Klepper (upper school English, four), Maxine Smith (lower school music teacher, 33), Patricia Shande (lower school fourth-grade teacher, 21), Suzie Snoddy (science lab manager, 19)

Whitefield: Eddie James (upper school study hall, 21 years in education, 21 years at school), Deloris Bell (lower school teacher assistant, 16 and 15), Vicki Sims (third grade, 22 and 11), Jim DeGier (facilities team member, 13 at school)

Woodward: Carl Eleazer (snack bar manager, 31 years), Nancy Banks (Woodward North nurse, 11), Ellen Adolph (Woodward North school counselor, 22), Peggy McNash (academic dean, 42), Fritz Hutchinson (upper school social studies, 33), Patricia Farmer (Woodward North instructional aide, 20), Jan Nicholson (Woodward North fourth-grade teacher, 27)

Editor’s note: The names of the retiring teachers/staff members at the schools that did not submit them before the Neighbor’s deadline (marked “NA”) will be added to this list at a later date once they submit them.


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