Dorsey Alston 2 Michael Rogers Rudy Harrell

From left, Dorsey Alston, Realtors’ Michael Rogers and Rudy Harrell.

Increasing numbers, whether it is wins by an athletic team or the number of customers patronizing a place of business, reflects the success of that group or organization.

However, another reflection of success lies in the increased number of employees of a business. For Buckhead-based Dorsey Alston, Realtors, founded in 1947 by Atlantans Roy Dorsey and Robert Alston, that is where its success in the highly competitive residential housing market, may shine the brightest, according to Michael Rogers, its president. The company is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year.

The real estate company is one of the oldest, privately held ones in Atlanta and has held true to the Dorsey Alston legacy to only associate with reputable Realtors in the market, Rogers said.

The Westminster graduate became the company’s new leader in 2000 after the death of his father, Paul Rogers, who had bought Dorsey Alston in the 1980s. Its growth and success is well reflected in the number of agents it has.

“In January of 2000, we had 26 agents but, eight years later, that number had increased to 45 agents and today, the company holds the real estate licenses of 249 realtors,” Rogers said.

Both Realtors and clients recognize the fact the underlying trust which comes with that guiding philosophy is the reason reputable agents are attracted to Dorsey Alston, Rogers said.

One of the company’s oldest tenured agents is Rudy Harrell, who has been with the firm since 1988.

Harrell said the reason he has been with the company for more than 29 years is that he values working with an established company “and one that puts its agents and clients first.”

“That may sound like a simple principle but, in today’s market, Dorsey Alston is the stand-alone company which embodies those characteristics,” he said.

As to why Harrell sees himself as a successful agent in his own right, he said his success also stems from the company’s values.

“Like this Dorsey Alston, I care about my clients and I will continue to always work with that philosophy of putting the client first,” Harrell said.

Rogers emphasized the success of the company comes from its “deliberate, uncompromising principals of growth for many decades which has created a foundation under Dorsey Alston that differentiates it from other realtors in the Atlanta market.

“Those principals hold true when hiring both staff and realtors,” he said. “Our staff treats our Realtors as our clients and puts their needs above any other business motivations.”

In the same way, Rogers said, the company’s agents put the needs of their clients first.

“Our goal is to earn the role of a trusted advisor who will support our clients, including supporting the clients’ families as they reach different cycles in their lives,” he said.


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