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Donna Burke, owner of Forme Studios in Buckhead, leads one of her exercise classes.

Melody Beattie, an American author of self-help books, said of setting New Year’s resolutions or goals, “The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that chapter by setting goals.”

Three Buckhead-based nutrition and fitness experts said setting goals for the new year is fine, but make sure they are not only smaller, realistic goals which can be used as stepping stones toward future larger goals, but also goals that focus on both mental and physical health.

“People need to start focusing on total wellness of the mind and body as their goal, instead of just focusing on weight loss, which is not always the best calculator of one’s overall health,” said Donna Burke, owner of Forme Studios. “People need to also focus on their mental wellness as part of their overall health.”

According to Mikayla McGee, owner of Vixen Workout Buckhead, one thing she has seen a great deal of, especially at the beginning of the year, is individuals not mentally setting realistic goals as part of their New Year’s resolutions.

“They go to extremes on Jan. 1 and over-train,” she said. “My advice is for people to mentally pick one habit or goal and really work that for the first 30 days.”

McGee then said individuals should spend their time and effort on accomplishing these smaller goals, and use those smaller goals as stepping stones to larger goals.

“If they do it that way, people will see the ‘win’ faster in accomplishing the smaller goals, which will help keep them motivated to keep going toward the larger goals,” she said.

However, Shannon Salter Sliger, owner of {Sama} Food for Balance, takes a different approach. She said each new year, individuals will set many of the same goals they had set the year before, “but the things that may have worked in the past have stopped working.”

“Apparently, our liver can take so much toxic load and we begin to accumulate fat around the midsection, hot flashes begin, energy decreases and looking our best becomes more difficult,” she said.

“It is likely an over-toxed liver that needs to be detoxed, and we offer several meal plans at {Sama} to help an individual reset him(self) or herself.”

All three experts agree that individuals are becoming more aware and conscious of their health and what they can do to meet fitness goals in the new year.

“People are wanting and now getting more information about their fitness and how it affects their overall health,” Burke said. “However, they must make sure the information they receive is coming from experts in nutrition and fitness and not through information on the Internet, from bloggers or through friends.”

McGee said individuals are always ready to be more aware of their New Year’s resolutions because the new year represents a “reset point” and they are starting with a clean slate, “and I think that is the biggest thing New Year’s (Day) does for us.”

Sliger said she believes more individuals than ever are better educated and more aware of the ways food and meditation can help alleviate stress and create balance in their lives.

“We are helping our customers find balance in mind, body and soul,” she said.

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