It seems that every activity Atlanta Classical Academy senior Lucy Eagleson participates in is related to helping others.

Whether the 17-year-old is doing lifeguard duties at a local pool, raising funds with her fellow school Key Club members for famine relief in Yemen or tutoring children in her community, also through the Key Club, Eagleson is there when the need arises.

"I believe in our society today, we have fallen away from the ideals our county's founding fathers visualized: the responsibility of looking out for one another and the communities we live in," the daughter of John and Bowen Eagleson of Buckhead said.

Having moved from Sutton Middle School to the academy six years ago, Eagleson said being in a smaller environment, where the students know one another and their teachers well, "is exactly what education should be.”

Although Eagleson is undecided about what college she will attend starting next year, her top three choices are the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech.

Whatever college she chooses will likely have a scholar in their midst as Eagleson has a 4.0 grade point average entering her senior year.

In addition to helping people, Eagleson is a member of the school's varsity basketball and soccer teams and was captain of the basketball squad last season.

Her leadership role doesn't end on the athletic field. She is the school's Key Club vice president after serving as its secretary the last two years, and is on Atlanta Classical’s color guard.

Although it didn't use to be, Eagleson said her favorite subject in school today is English. She credits her teacher, Josh Andrew, with her realization of the importance of that subject.

"For a long time, I wasn't very good in English, but when I got to the 10th grade, I had a great teacher in Mr. Andrew," she said. "He taught me that the more we progress through our education curriculum, the more opportunities we have to learn from the books we read in our English classes and be able to apply what these hooks taught into my daily life."

Andrew said, from an intellectual standpoint, Eagleson is a "precise thinker."

"Her ability to work through difficult concepts and proceed to the essence of the matter is really unrivaled in our school, and her writing is exceptional clear, thoughtful and precise," he said.


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