Ansley Atlanta Real Estate is giving back in a big way.

The Buckhead-based residential real estate firm May 2 announced it is donating at least $300 per transaction to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, after its employees toured its Scottish Rite campus in Sandy Springs. Under the donation plan, the company will give at least a third, the Ansley Atlanta agent will donate at least a third and the buyer or seller of the home in that transaction will have the option to also contribute at least a third.

Bonneau Ansley III, who founded Ansley Enterprises, which owns Ansley Developer Services and Ansley Atlanta Real Estate, said he came up with the idea after researching and speaking with representatives of about a dozen local nonprofits.

“After going through that process over the last 12 months, we identified with (Children’s) because we deal with families, and we sell homes to families with kids. I’ve got two kids and our agents have kids,” he said. “We want to give not only give money but also give time. We want to stand behind an organization that has the same values we do, so we felt (Children’s) is a great fit.

“Every closing has a transaction fee. We never charged that, but other companies do. I am flipping that and saying, ‘How do I give back to Atlanta?’

Ansley said the company is anticipating about 500 closings this year, which would equate to about $150,000. He said Ansley Atlanta’s service to Children’s also will go beyond donations.

“(Children’s) is such a great group,” he said. “We’re going to donate time. Our agents are going to become volunteers there. We’re going to donate lots of money for the cause. We’re going to wear it on our business cards and our marketing.”

In a statement Sharon Robinson, director of cause marketing at Children’s, said the donations will make a big difference.

“We are thrilled to have the enthusiasm and support of Ansley Atlanta as we start a program together to help kids in our local community,” she said. “Their contributions will make an impact in the lives of so many kids and their families.”

In related news, Ansley said the company is planning to move in June from its current office at 55 Peachtree Park Drive to the Buckhead Atlanta development, doubling its square footage to 10,000.

“We’re moving close to 100 employees, and we have more than doubled our space and our current building is under contract,” he said, adding the new office will provide “more room to adjust to our growth.”


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