A Johns Creek woman was arrested for possession of cocaine after she attempted to sell clothes with a bag of cocaine in a pocket at Plato's Closet in Roswell, police say. 

Thirty-nine-year-old Sara Rae Townsend was arrested Monday after an employee found a small bag of .19 grams of cocaine in the pocket of a jacket Townsend attempted to sell.

According to the police report, the employee said Townsend brought in several items to sell. Townsend also signed the required store form confirming all of the items belonged to her.

The employee told police she found the bag in the pocket of a red down type jacket with no sleeves. She removed the jacket from the other items and placed the jacket inside a small garbage bag and left the suspected drug where she found it. The jacket remained at the front register area which was monitored by surveillance cameras.

The employee contacted the police, but when police arrived to question Townsend, Townsend said she did not know anything about the drugs and that she brought the clothes in for a friend. According to police, Townsend said she would not knowingly endanger others by bringing a substance into a business.

The officer had Townsend stand near the front counter and as he checked the pockets of the jacket, where the plastic wrapping was inside the left front pocket of the jacket. Police said the bag was tied in a knot and had numerous "crystal rocks" inside.

Police conducted a field test on the drug that tested positive for cocaine. Townsend was transported to the North Fulton County Detention Center in Alpharetta. 


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