Barrington Hall, Bulloch Hall and the Smith Plantation will offer free admission to families as part of free Museum Day on Sept. 21.

The three historic houses, along with over 1,500 other museums, are set to participate in this annual nation-wide celebration. The event is hosted by Smithsonian Magazine and tickets must be reserved in advance at

Each ticket grants free admission for two people redeemable at Barrington Hall, Bulloch Hall and Smith Plantation.

Located in the historic district of Roswell, each home plays a part in the intricate story of the American South. In the 1830s, Barrington Hall’s builder, Barrington King, and his father, Roswell King, co-founded the colony which became Roswell. Visitors are invited to explore the only antebellum public garden in the greater Atlanta area, along with numerous original outbuildings.

Bulloch Hall was built in the Greek Revival style in 1839 by Major James Stephens Bulloch, one of Roswell’s first settlers. It was here on December 22, 1853, the Bulloch’s daughter, Mittie, married Theodore Roosevelt Sr. The couple became the parents of Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States.

Completing the Southern Trilogy is Smith Plantation. This historic home sits on what used to be over 300 acres of cotton farmland and was built by slave labor in 1845. The home was preserved by three generations of the Smith family and is now open to the public as a museum.

For over 160 years, Smith Plantation stood the test of time as the small mill village of Roswell transformed into a bustling metropolitan suburb. The home has since become one of the best examples of vernacular architecture, as well as cultural and historical interpretation, found in the region.

Those interested should visit to claim tickets to the Smithsonian Magazine’s Annual Museum Day Live at the Southern Trilogy.


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