An unknown male approached a student near a wooded area on her way to her middle school bus stop near the intersection of Commonwealth Way and Windward Village Parkway, police say.

The man approached and spoke with the student the morning of Dec. 16. According to police, the man asked the student where she attends school and her age. While there was no overt criminal offense committed, Milton police say the interaction made the juvenile feel uncomfortable to the point where she contacted her parents once she was safely on the school bus. Milton officers were contacted by the juvenile’s parents later that night and a report documenting the encounter was taken and is currently being investigated by detectives.

According to police, the unknown male who spoke to the juvenile is described as a white male, very thin, grey hair and wearing a black tank top and green cargo shorts. He is also believed to be driving an older-model, white, four-door SUV, unknown make and model.

Any residents who may know or may have seen the male in or around the area of the incident, please contact detective Scott Harrell at

Milton officers have increased patrol in and around the area and request that residents immediately contact 911 if they see a person matching the description listed.

“The MPD recommends that all residents remind their children not to speak with anyone that they do not know and report any suspicious contact with unknown persons immediately to a trusted adult or parent, as was done in this incident,” Milton police posted on its Facebook. “Additionally, any similar interactions should be reported to MPD by calling 911 and requesting to meet with an officer.”

Just over a week ago, Milton Police were notified Dec. 8 of a suspicious man in the Kingsley Estates neighborhood. According to police, three children, two 8-year-olds and a 5-year-old, were outside playing when they were approached.

The children were in the driveway when a car stopped in the roadway. Police say a male told the children there was a child lost in the woods and asked them to help look for it.

The only description the kids were able to give police is that it was a dark colored car, possibly red. Police say the children said the male had on sunglasses and was white to possibly tan.

Public Information Officer Captain Charles Barstow said at this time, they have no evidence that the two incidents are linked.

“Detectives will continue to sort through the evidence and testimony they collect to determine if similarities or links exist,” Barstow said.


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