Tennis Scholarship recipients

Roswell High School graduates Ryan Williams (left) and Paul Roark (right) were presented with scholarships on behalf of the Roswell Community Tennis Association. 

Ryan Williams and Paul Roark of Roswell High School were awarded a $500 tennis scholarship on behalf of the Roswell Community Tennis Association.

The scholarship was aimed at high school seniors who planned on attending college, play tennis and attend any Roswell high school.

Both Williams and Roark have been playing tennis since they were around 10-years-old. Williams and Roark both emphasis how much happiness and confidence tennis has served them all these years. 

"It was a big confidence boost anytime I won a match and it just brought me a lot of happiness," Williams says of tennis.

Roark says his favorite part of playing tennis is hitting a winner because of the confidence and happiness he gets from it. 

Both students joined the Brandt Tennis Academy, started by coach Ryan Brandt in 2011. Brandt has a total of 21 years experience coaching tennis and continues to work with Roswell athletes. Williams and Roark credit their coach to improving their skills and confidence. 

In her winning essay, Williams wrote that Brandt taught her to "view each serve, swing and return as an opportunity to improve."

Upon receiving their scholarship award, both students appeared ecstatic. 

"I just feel like it perfectly comes around for me," Roark said. "The amount of time I've put in for tennis and I can be recognized for it, it just means so much to me." 

Williams agreed. "All the hard work I've put in for tennis the past eight years, it's a full circle moment," she said. 

"Its great to see the guys get rewarded for all the time they put in," Brandt said. "They've had influences on the younger kids. It's get to see them get some reward at the end of the end of the day."

Williams will be attending Georgia College and State and Roark will be attending Virginia Tech, where they will both begin playing college tennis. Williams plans to major in early childhood education so she can teach kindergarten, and Roark will major in chemical engineering.

For anyone younger people interested in beginning tennis, Williams encourages them to do it and have fun. 


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