Throughout his career, Solomon Vanhorse has set his sights on one goal, to play in the National Football League.

Vanhorse, a Senior at Milton High School, stated his aspiration is “in hopes to follow in my father’s footsteps.”

His father, Sean, was a cornerback in the NFL.

Solomon was 6 years old when he got his start in the Alpharetta Youth Football Association after asking to play.

“I first started playing Varsity football my sophomore year and my contribution to the team has increased within the last two years,” said Vanhorse.

Vanhorse, a running back for the Eagles, was selected as a team captain this year when new coach, Adam Clack and his staff came to Milton High School.

“I lead my team by example by playing every play like it's my last, holding myself accountable and occasionally leading verbally by helping the young players understand concepts and schemes,” he said.

He describes his team dynamic as being a “band of brothers.”

“We do everything as a team and treat each other like we are brothers, no one is greater than the other,” Vanhorse said.

A second element to their dynamic is “hand behind the line” or according to Vanhorse, “focus on the little things so we will be able to play lights out in the game.”

According to Athletic Director Gary Sylvestri, Vanhorse’s current season statistics include: 50 carries for 367 yards and 2 touchdowns; 4 receptions for 50 yards and 2 touchdowns; 2 kickoff returns for 41 yards and 1 pass completion for 40 yards.

He credits his success on and off the field, to “a great support system at home and at school.”

“My parents strive to push me to do the little things like stretch, recover after games and study every day,” he said.

Vanhorse also credits his coaches who “stress attendance and grades in school, which pushes us to do great in the classroom.”

He plans to keep working towards playing football at the next level, which is collegiate play.

Vanhorse has yet to decide where he will pursue his post-secondary education, but noted he has garnered interest from some schools.

He hopes to have the opportunity to continue to the professional level and play in the NFL.


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