Big Creek Parkway Proposal

The proposed alignment change for Big Creek Parkway was approved Monday night.

The city of Roswell is continuing to plan for the Big Creek Parkway realignment project and the Ga. 400/Holcomb Bridge Road interchange project. 

No decisions have been made, but the Roswell Department of Transportation is working closely with Georgia Department of Transportation and mayor and council to come up with the best plans for the project. City council discussed the project during a workshop on Aug. 26.

The main focus for the Big Creek Parkway project is on realignment and saving options. 

Phases 1 and 2 of the Big Creek Parkway project include a bridge over Ga. 400, a bridge over Big Creek and improvements to Old Holcomb Bridge Road. 

If approved, a new road would connect to Holcomb Bridge Road, cross over Ga. 400 North and follow 400 back to Holcomb Bridge Road. The proposed route would be 2.9 miles and has the potential to help congestion along Holcomb Bridge Road. 

Phase 1 would begin around spring 2020, with 18 months of construction. Phase 2 would begin around spring 2021, needing around 36 months of construction. The design and construction of the Big Creek Parkway project is funded by TSPLOST 1.

After receiving input through public comment and work sessions, city staff has recommended to add Warsaw Road to the project as Phase 3. Warsaw Road would be connected and provide commuters with another commute option. The Holcomb Bridge Road and Warsaw intersection has ranked in the top 20 accident-prone intersections since 2014. In 2018, the intersection saw 43 accidents and 19 injuries.  

Phase 3 would be completed around spring 2022, with about 12 months of construction needed. According to the Roswell Department of Transportation, the Warsaw connection needs to be studied more but would be estimated to cost is $5 million.

City staff is also looking at a simultaneous upgrade for Holcomb Woods Parkway. About 80% of sidewalk already exists along the street, so staff recommended to fill in the remaining sidewalk gaps and convert two on-street level travel lanes into bike only lanes. The estimated cost would be around $280,000. 

The total cost of the Ga. 400/Holcomb Bridge Road Interchange and its future accommodations is $59 million. The city is considering making a counter offer to GDOT's proposed 60/40 split of covering the Ga. 400/Holcomb Bridge Road Interchange. 

As of now, GDOT is proposing that Roswell pay 60% of the cost, which is about $23 million. The proposed payment could be paid fully in one installment or in yearly installments beginning June 2021. 

The city's transportation department will propose the Big Creek Parkway and Ga. 400 Interchange projects at the Sept. 9 city council meeting. 


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