While council members Mike Palermo and Marcelo Zapata will resume their positions as council members for the next four years, candidates Lisa Holland and Christine Hall will face a runoff election this December.

Incumbent post 1 city council member Marcelo Zapata won post 1 with 56.88% of votes. His opponent Don Horton ended the night at 43.12% of votes.

Zapata said he wants to thank all of Roswell for voting this election.

“Thanks so much for believing in me and thank you to supporters and campaigners,” Zapata said. “It was all grassroots, I ran my campaign with around $5,000, so that is very rewarding...it’s all about the groundroots and the residents thinking that I’m a good person to represent (them).”

Zapata said he plans to pursue economic development and ensure open transparent, inclusive, engaging and responsive city government.

“I truly mean that and will definitely work hard now to bring back the written minutes,” Zapata said.

For city council post 2, candidate Mike Palermo won with 61.56% of votes, with Geoff Smith at 38.44% of votes.

Palermo said he felt humbled to be elected again and wants to continue to fight for the Roswell residents want.

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to represent you,” Palermo said. “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be apart of a more balanced council, and really thank you for coming out to vote and making sure that the residents are in charge.”

Palermo said he still intends to focus on improving “blighted” corridors and bringing smart, responsible development and more transparency.

“I hope that tonight sends real message that absolutely we want to make sure we have responsible, sustainable development that’s helping improve our tax base and that we’re making sure that residents get to have an equal voice... we need to eliminate conflicts of interest, we need to make sure we are building trust with residents.”

City council candidates for post 3 could face a runoff election this December.

Candidate Christine Hall ended with 34.52% of votes, and Lisa Holland with 31.84% of votes. Keith Geoke had 18.06% of votes and Kay Howell had 15.58% of votes.

Runoff elections occur 28 days after the original election.


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