Roswell city council is pushing for extended and Saturday voting hours for the upcoming November election, despite Fulton County's efforts to reduce the number of polling places, hours and days.

In the first contract sent to Roswell from Fulton County, the total cost of the election was $650,155. The county stated that because Atlanta and Sandy Springs are not hosting elections this year, the cost will be distributed to other Fulton cities like Roswell. On June 28, the county dropped the cost to $534,932. Then, on July 15, the county dropped the cost a second time to $374,997. 

However, with that price drop the county also decreased the amount of early voting sites, hours and days, and discontinued weekend voting. Fulton also budgeted for a maximum of nine voting locations. The county denied the East Roswell Library and then City Hall as early voting locations, saying that there will be another location about two miles from the library. 

"We don't know right now what Fulton County is proposing for the cost of the election, for the sites, because it seems to be a fluid document," Mayor Lori Henry said at Monday's council meeting.

The proposed schedule for early voting run from Oct. 15 through Nov. 1, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

According to Henry, Roswell has around 62,000 registered voters. 

Henry said at the council meeting that she had a conversation with the Fulton County commissioner that overtime hours would be paid for staff in order to use City Hall; however, now Fulton says that Roswell will need to pay if it wants to use the second early voting location.

The council approved first reading without cost number and with the inclusion of the East Roswell Library at no cost to Roswell, extended hours and Saturdays.

"Whatever we need to do to get people to vote, we need to do that," Henry said. "I feel very strongly that we all need to voice our opinions."


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