Roswell Police Department is recognizing Crime Scene Investigator Zack Kowalske as officer of the year.

Kowalske has been with the department for 12 years and serves in the crime scene investigations unit. Detective Kowalske was the lead CSI Detective on a Roswell murder case, in which he was able to provide a reconstruction of the shooting death from the ballistic and bloodstain evidence which led to the understanding of the events that transpired.

Because of this expertise, he has garnered international recognition in that he was awarded the Legal Desire International Forensic Expert Award in the Physics Division for his work in bloodstain pattern analysis in May 2020 and was requested to serve as an adjunct professor by the Raksha University School of Forensic Science in India beginning in August.

Kowalske was also published by Forensic Magazine twice — one of which articles was recognized as the number 2 in the top 10 forensic articles of the year — and was qualified as an expert witness in crime scene reconstruction, Crime Scene Investigations, and Blood Stain Pattern Analysis in a state case.

“His willingness to assist others and his commitment to educate Roswell police officers is unequaled,” police chief James Conroy said. “No matter the type of crime scene, or request for health advice or support, Detective Kowalske never says no. He is truly a great team member team member.”

Conroy said Kowalske was also crucial in the coordination of the new CSI Forensic Laboratory. Kowalske worked on the project from his initial designs of the project years ago, to the planning of a projected budget, and then finally working closely on a regular basis with Sgt. Hood during the construction phase until it was completed in March 2020.

In addition to Kowalske, Conroy also recognized three other employees of the year during the April 15 Roswell Rotary meeting.

Detective Paul Reid was recognized as the Supervisor of the Year and has been with Roswell police for almost eight years. He is a Detective Sergeant in the Criminal Investigations Division.

Investigative Analyst Susan Harrah was recognized as the Civilian of the Year. Harrah has been with the department for nearly three years and is a Criminal Intelligence Analyst in the Criminal Investigations Division.

911 operator Amber Darby was recognized as the 911 Operator of the Year and has also been with the department for almost three years. She is a Communications Training Officer in the department’s 911 Communications Center.


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