Roswell’s current chief judge Brian Hansford and practicing attorney Philip Mansell will be running against each other for the municipal judge position this election.

Hansford has served as Roswell’s chief judge for five years, a judge for 12 years and an attorney for 20 years. The 49-year-old also served as a paratrooper in the United States Army. Hansford has lived in Roswell for 19 years.

Hansford said that during his time as chief judge, he has consolidated court calendars to decrease waiting time, increased the number of citations that can be handled online and created an amnesty calendar for those who have missed court dates.

Hansford wants the court to remain politically neutral, serve as a model for other Georgia courts and for everyone who comes before the court to be treated respectfully.

As far as the city’s biggest issue in court, Hansford said that the city’s biggest challenge is finding ways to address those with significant mental health and substance abuse problems.

“I have continued to see a tremendous increase in the number of people, especially young people, who are suffering from a combination of mental health and substance abuse problems, which, more often than not, seem to go hand in hand,” Hansford said.

Age: 49

Occupation: Judge/Attorney

Years in Living in the city: 19

Number of Years Served: 5 years as Roswell’s Chief Judge, 12 years as a Judge and 20 years as an attorney. I also served as a Paratrooper in the United States Army.

Facebook: Brian Hansford for Roswell City Judge Twitter: @JudgeHansford

Hansford’s opponent, 35-year-old Philip Mansell has been a practicing attorney for over nine years. Mansell has been living in Roswell for 25 years and said he wants the opportunity to give back to his city.

Mansell said that his top priorities as city judge would be to administer justice fairly, ensure everyone in his court be treated with dignity and respect and to work closely with the Roswell Police Department.

Mansell also wants to pursue reforms on behalf of the Georgia Municipal Court system.

“As I understand it, in 2019, Georgia Municipal Courts remitted over $25,000,000.00 to various state agencies, funds, and the General Treasury,” Mansell said. “I believe more of that money should stay in Roswell. I am committed to taking this issue to our elected representatives.”

Age: 35 Occupation: Managing Attorney at the Marr Law Firm, LLC Years Living in City: 25 years collectively, 3 consecutive years Relevant Experience: I have been a practicing Attorney for over nine years. I practice misdemeanor criminal defense, Real Estate, Civil Litigation and Estate Law. Website: Facebook: Philip Mansell

Both candidates want to ensure that all Roswell citizens who appear before the court are treated fairly and with respect. The last day for citizens to register and be eligible to vote in the 2019 general election is Oct. 7. Early voting begins Oct. 15, with Election Day falling on Nov. 5.


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Judy Flock

I'm wondering where exactly Mr. Mansell studied constitutional law under Antonin Scalia? Was this just a one hour talk, a one day seminar, or an actual full on law school course? I'm also confused about Mr. Mansell claiming he was a Public Defender in the City of Roswell, when it appears as though the city has no record of him ever doing so?

Mary Katherine

Judy, interested to know where you did your research to make a comment like this? I went to law school with Mr. Mansell and know first hand he studied an entire semester under Justice Scalia with the St. Mary’s University of San Antonio, Texas Institute on world legal problems at the University of Innsbruck, Austria in 2007.

Robert Dickson

Hey Judy, Why so sour? Philip and I were law school classmates. We traveled together to the university of Innsbruck in Austria to study constitutional law under justice Antonin Scalia. It was a summer semester course.

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