Jorge Moreno-Arroyo of Roswell has been identified as the primary suspect in the recent Alpharetta kidnapping, police say. 

Alpharetta Detectives also discovered that Moreno-Arroyo had an active arrest warrant for Aggravated Assault out of Roswell for an unrelated case. Once Moreno-Arroyo was located, officers took Moreno-Arroyo into custody for the Roswell warrant while detectives continued their investigation into the kidnapping.

"A search warrant was obtained and, after North Fulton S.W.A.T. cleared Moreno-Arroyo’s home, our detectives searched for and discovered evidence linking him to the kidnapping," Alpharetta police wrote in statement. 

According to Alpharetta Police, the victim and Moreno-Arroyo knew each other. 

The 44-year-old victim told police he was forcibly kidnapped, at gunpoint, from the parking lot of the apartment complex he lives at on Old Roswell Rd. The victim told officers he was forced into a vehicle, told that he was going to be killed and driven to another residence in the 1000 block of Old Roswell Rd.

According to police, while being taken out of the vehicle, the victim managed to break-free and successfully ran away and notified police.

Friday morning, detectives obtained arrest warrants for false imprisonment and aggravated assault against Moreno-Arroyo, who is currently in the Fulton County Jail.

This investigation remains active and additional criminal charges are likely.


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