Officers raided a suspected drug house Thursday where they found narcotics, a baby and two dogs in filthy conditions, police say. 

A search warrant was obtained and executed at 474 Michael Drive by the joint task force John’s Creek-Alpharetta-Forsyth County Drug Task Force and Alpharetta’s newly formed Community Response Team. 

When the officers entered the house they found heroin, fentanyl, methamphetamine and illegally possessed prescription pills all over the house. The house was filthy with rotting food, used syringes and other drug-related objects, and knives covering the floor. Living in these conditions with his parent was a 6-month-old child. Fulton County Division of Family and Children Services responded and turned the child over into the custody of grandparents.

In the backyard, a closed trailer was found to be the home of two dogs. With no moving air, 90 degrees outside, and no food or water, the malnourished animals were turned over to Fulton County Animal Control where they are currently recovering. One of the dogs is suspected of having an untreated broken leg.

Four adults were taken into custody on felony charges, according to Alpharetta police: Justin Walker, Randolph Echols, Preston Nolan and Swantia' Lawler. 

Walker was arrested for the sale and possession of heroin, drug related objects and cruelty to animals. Echols was arrested for possession of cocaine and drug-related objects.

Nolan was arrested for two drug possession charges and drug-related Objects. Lawler was also arrested for 1st degree cruelty to children. 


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