Shoplifters hit the North Point locations of Best Buy, Von Maur and Dick's Sporting Goods over the Black Friday weekend, resulting in at least one felony charge and one misdemeanor, police say. 

Twenty-four-year-old Justice Harrison of Sandy Springs was arrested and charged with felony shoplifting Friday. While in Best Buy, Harrison attempted to conceal a Lenovo Yoga laptop in his pants. According to Alpharetta police, two employees saw his attempt. Harrison noticed the employees watching him and set the laptop back down before leaving the store. 

Best Buy's lost prevention manager notified the officer on duty, who followed Harrison outside. Upon searching Harrison's car, the officer found three Canon camera lenses, three Fossil Watches and three Fossil watch chargers, two Power Beats Pro wireless headsets, an HP Chrome laptop with charging plug, two brand new Beats Headphones in their original cases and a Fitbit Ionic watch in a Whole Foods bag. 

All items were brand new in their original packaging. The two Power Beats Pro wireless headsets, HP Chrome laptop with charging plug, Beats Headphones, and the Fitbit Ionic watch all scanned as Best Buy items, police say. Harrison could not provide proof of purchase and was taken to the Alpharetta jail. 

Conroy Campell of Marietta was also charged with shoplifting Friday. The 18-year-old took a windbreaker jacket off a display at Van Maur at North Point Mall and left the store without paying. Van Maur's lost prevention investigator detained Campbell, who was issued a misdemeanor by police and taken to Alpharetta Fulton County Jail.  

Dick's Sporting Goods also reported shoplifting Saturday. According to police, the operations manager reported seeing a suspect take items from a section of the store with "high value items" and leave with two bags. According to police, the suspect left in a red Honda Civic. An officer attempted to pursue the vehicle and contact the car owners. 

The manger told police he would pull the video footage and figure out what was taken. Police say the amount could be considered a felony charge. 


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