Alpharetta, Milton and Roswell city elections have concluded, leaving residents with several re-elected candidates and a runoff race in Roswell. 

Alpharetta voters elected Dan Merkel to post 6, with 62.56% of votes. Clifford Martin ended at 21.77% and Abu Bakkar Ngila Jalloh at 15.67%. Mayor Jim Gilvin and Council Members Jason Binder and John Hipes will return to council unchallenged.

Additionally, 91.56% of Alpharetta voters voted yes to the homestead exemption, which says the basic homestead exemption should be increased to $45,000. Nearly 85% of voters also voted to remove the income cap for seniors, so that all homeowners aged 65 and above could qualify for an additional $25,000 in savings.

Milton voters elected post 2 candidate Paul Moore at 62.64% of votes. Carol Cookerly and Rick Mohrig saw no challengers and will continue to serve on city council. 

Roswell city judge candidate Brian Hansford won his seat with 77.48% of votes, and candidate Philip Mansell received 22.52%.

Incumbent post 1 city council member Marcelo Zapata won post 1 with 56.88% of votes. His opponent Don Horton ended the night at 43.12% of votes.

For city council post 2, candidate Mike Palermo won with 61.56% of votes, with Geoff Smith at 38.44% of votes. 

City council candidates for post 3 could face a runoff election this December. Candidate Christine Hall is leading with 34.52% of votes, and Lisa Holland at 31.84% of votes. Keith Geoke sits at 18.06% of votes and Kay Howell at 15.58% of votes. 


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