alpha loop

An artist rendering of the loop’s greenspace.

Vertical Earth Inc. construction won the bid to complete the Thompson Street Gap portion of the Alpha Loop for an amount not to exceed $572,928.79.

The project is a continuation of the Alpha Loop Phase 1 project and will serve as a connection between the existing trail from Haynes Bridge Road and Thompson Street. The connection was voted on and passed unanimously by Alpharetta city council on June 3.

According to the brief, construction will include approximately 650 linear feet of a concrete multi-use trail that will traverse the rear portion of four parcels and cross a small stream twice to complete the gap.

A total of six trees will need to be removed due to limited sight distance.

A crosswalk will also be built connecting the gap, and will have light-up sensors to alert oncoming drivers of pedestrians walking across the crosswalk. There will still be a button for pedestrians to press before crossing, but the hope is that lights will help cars slow down, says director of public works Pete Sewczwicz.

The city of Alpharetta will be authorizing eminent domain on the properties on Thompson Street in order to fill the Thompson Street gap in the Alpha Loop. According to the resolution, eminent domain must be carried out to ensure timely completion of the project.

Once a contract with Vertical Earth Inc. has been established, construction will begin and is projected to be completed in no more than 120 days.

The Alpha Loop will link areas like the Avalon, Downtown Alpharetta, State Route 400 and the Northwinds area, with 12 to 16 feet wide pedestrian and bicycle paths.

Last month the city was awarded a $150,000 grant from the Atlanta Regional Commission to develop a concept study to connect the Alpha Loop Trail to the Big Creek Greenway with linkages to the planned North Point bus rapid transit station.


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