Positively Roswell, a group aimed at improving citizen engagement and the tone in local government, is hosting a casual barbecue-style meet and greet, on Sept. 10 from 6:30 to 9 pm. 

The event will be held at Table & Main and is open to the public. According to a news release, the event "will offer a casual style meet and greet for city council candidates to connect with the citizenry."

All candidates for local office have been invited to the event.

“I love this event, now in it's second iteration, because it showcases what's amazing about Roswell and our beautiful, flawed, ever-hopeful and ever-striving national democracy," Ryan Pernice, owner of Table & Main and Positively Roswell board member, said in a statement. "To be clear: This is not a political event. This is a community event. There is nothing more American, more fundamentally democratic, than gathering with your neighbors to hear what your prospective leaders believe and to choose with your voice and with your vote the person you think is most qualified to serve."

Pernice continued: "Let the national campaigns pitch their circus tents. We live in Roswell. And we are so fortunate to be able to shake the hand of each person who has thrown his/her hat into the ring, look them in the eye, and seek for ourselves the values we believe are important. Every candidate is invited. Each has the same opportunity to speak.”

Barbecue is to be served by local favorite Brian Keenan and drinks are available as well. Guests are encouraged to park in the city public lots.

Table & Main is at 1028 Canton Street, Roswell. 


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