Southern Post

Linen & Flax Home Team designed this logo for Southern Post, formerly Southern Skillet Plaza.

Roswell "Southern Skillet" Plaza redevelopment project brings plenty of new elements to the city, including a new identity.

Going forward, the "Southern Skillet Plaza" will now be "Southern Post."

At the Roswell NEXT breakfast on March 13, Downtown Development Authority and S.J. Collins presented an update on redevelopment, Roswell Downtown Development Authority Treasurer Dave Schmit briefly mentioned a new name was in the works.

Roswell NEXT and Downtown Development Authority collaborate to spotlight "Southern Skillet Plaza" redevelopment updates

"City Center" had been utilized on redevelopment renderings as a temporary moniker.

Linen & Flax Home, a Roswell-based interior design company partnered with S.J. Collins Enterprises to create a new identity for the space.

S.J. Collins Enterprises Partner Jeff Garrison approached Chaz Easterly, a 10-year Roswell resident who owns Linen & Flax Home, about assisting with the name and logo for the redevelopment project.

Garrison’s shared his "vision" for the development, "a modern-style development with a flair for history," with Easterly.

Easterly was inspired by the concept and opted to follow it when it came to naming the development.

“We wanted to be mindful and thoughtful of the history of the community,” said Chaz Easterly.

 Southern Post is "a nod to Roswell’s rich history" and "a way to pay homage to Roswell’s historical charm and the notion that the new development will be a part of the community where people can gather together." according to the news release.

Easterly honed in on "the community itself and what people love about Roswell."

She also utilized the Roswell Visitor’s Center and the Roswell Historic Society in her studies of history and artifacts.

Her inspiration took roots in "how Roswell came to be and the sense of community that was created by its first residents."

"The name stems from a combination of Roswell’s southern historical roots, particularly the Southern Skillet, a former diner that had been a staple in the community for a number of years, and the desire for the redevelopment project to become a post or central meeting point for the city."

“Our team looks forward to the opportunity to bring a dynamic and diverse customer experience that people in Roswell will want to embrace,” said S.J. Collins Enterprises Partner Jeff Garrison.

“Roswell is a city with deep historical roots, and we are excited to create a destination where the community can gather together and enjoy modern amenities while still celebrating the city’s historical significance," said Garrison.

The team also created the logo for the development, the "new, simple and clean black and cream logo" will feature a lantern and the established date of Southern Post.

The logo design was inspired by "the charming old lamp posts that line the streets throughout the city."

Easterly described the logo as "very aesthetically pleasing and it just fits the look of the city.” 

“I love the charm of Roswell history, and this new plaza will be absolutely beautiful. There’s nothing like it in Roswell. I think it is going to be incredible for the community," she said.

Easterly described the new development as a "perfect fit and perfect design" and anticipated it to be a "destination" for the city of Roswell.

“We are in the south and rooted in southern history, and we want this place to be a part of the community and a place where people would come together," according to the Linen & Flax Home team.

S.J. Collins Enterprises is anticipated to break ground on Southern Post late this year.

The Neighbor will continue to provide updates on Southern Posts as details become available.


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