Roswell has begun construction on a safe, new pedestrian crossing for the Saddle Creek subdivision at the Houze Road and Saddle Creek Drive intersection.

This highway carries approximately 16,000 vehicles per day, which can pose a challenge for pedestrian crossing.

"The scope of the project will include a raised median island and crosswalk with signalized beacons to more aggressively alert motorists to the presence of pedestrians," said a news release.

The crossing will utilize the latest Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons, the same type of warning signals installed at the new roundabout at Hembree Road, about one quarter mile south of Saddle Creek Drive.

The RRFB is a pedestrian-activated warning device located on each side of a pedestrian crossing.

The beacon remains "dark" until a pedestrian wants to cross the street, so they push a button to activate it.

Upon activation, alternating flashing patterns illuminate to alert drivers that a pedestrian is present and attempting to cross the roadway.

"Per Georgia State Law, vehicles must stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk," said the release.

After pedestrians have safely crossed and are no longer in the crosswalk, vehicles may resume a safe speed, then the beacons will automatically shut off.

This city-funded safety improvement is estimated to cost approximately $329,000 and anticipated to bring a "new crosswalk, flashing RRFB beacons and minor road widening to accommodate the eight-foot wide pedestrian refuge island.

The project will also include a new trail connection to nearby Rounsaville Road, allowing more bicycle and pedestrian accessibility.

Work began on March 4 and is anticipated for completion by Memorial Day.

The pedestrian beacon’s operation will be monitored by the city for a period of time. If successful, Roswell’s Department of Transportation will identify other areas where the pedestrian beacons may be helpful.

More information on Roswell Transportation projects is available at


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Dan Koesters

This was an absolute waste of our taxpayer dollars, our time, and our inconvenience as far as tying up traffic for this "needed" construction. To be honest, I have not seen anyone trying to cross at this location until today, when an older man with graying hair kept walking back and forth on the side of the road, but never crossing, nor ever pushing the button to cross. Unfortunately, a driver saw this wandering old man, and stopped, the car in front of me stopped, and I stopped. A driver in a black Lexus then comes speeding up, likely distracted, and blaring his horn. Luckily, there was the right turn lane for him to pull into. All in all, Roswell paid hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to create a potentially hazardous spot. I anticipate an accident, hopefully not involving me, but there will be an accident there. Thank you Roswell board of fools for protecting our well-being. Please note sarcasm here.

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