Arrest warrant include detailed recollection from Phi Delta Theta members and pledges of happenings that led to Roswell teen, Maxwell Gruver's death at the Louisiana State University fraternity.

Gruver, 18, was a Blessed Trinity Catholic High School Alumni, LSU student and pledge of the fraternity.

Statements describe Gruver and other pledges were made to participate in “Bible Study,” which investigators learned is “where the pledges are asked questions about the fraternity and if they are incorrect, they are made to drink alcohol.”

“All pledges interviewed and some active members stated that Naquin was the most aggressive by far during the hazing event,” said in the arrest warrant.

Matthew Alexander Naquin is one of the 10 young men arrested in connection with Gruver’s death, he is charged with hazing and negligent homicide.

LSU Police Department arrested all individuals on Oct. 11.

According to LSU Media Relations Director Ernie Ballard, all individuals turned themselves in to LSU Police on Oct. 11.

All 10 are charged with hazing, but Matthew Alexander Naquin also faces a charge of negligent homicide.

Zachary Castillo, Elliot Eaton, Patrick Forde, Sean Paul Gott, Zachary Hall, Ryan Isto, Hudson Kirkpatrick, Sean Pennison and Nicholas Taulli; were also arrested on Wednesday.

The warrant names Naquin, Gott and Isto as “the main members doing the hazing.”

According to Ballard, eight of the young men arrested are current students at Louisiana State University. Forde was not enrolled this semester and Gott was enrolled at the time of the incident.

Ballard also noted that Forde and Castillo were not active members of Phi Delta Theta, the fraternity of which Gruver was a pledge, but the other eight were.

Gruver was taken from the fraternity house to Our Lady of the Lake for a "medical emergency" on Sept. 15 where he was later pronounced deceased.

East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner's Office initially released that "hospital admit blood and urine tests indicate a highly elevated blood alcohol level plus the presence of THC in the urine."

Following the completion of a full autopsy by Dr. William "Beau" Clark of the Coroner's Office, Gruver's "manner of death is an accident."

"Cause of death is acute alcohol intoxication with aspiration," said Dr. Clark in the release.

“Active member 1 stated that Naquin was yelling and forcing the pledges to consume liquor by taking ‘pulls,’” of 190 proof liquor called Diesel.

Each “pull” was between 3 and 5 seconds of drinking, according to one of the pledges.

“Pledge 1” stated “he believes that Naquin and Gott were getting on Gruver more because he was always late for events.”

Pledges were made to recite the Greek alphabet and any error resulted in taking a “pull.”

“Pledge 1” further stated that “he could hear Gruver messing up the Greek Alphabet and Naquin telling him to drink.”

“Pledge 2” stated “he believed that Naquin was yelling at Gruver more and feels that Naquin did not like Gruver.”

According to “Pledge 3,” who was next to Gruver during the event, Gruver was “made to take at least 10-12 ‘pulls’ of 190 proof Diesel.”

According to Dr. Clark, "toxicology testing has indicated that Mr. Gruver’s alcohol level was .495 at his time of death."

The legal limit in Louisiana, according to the Department of Public Safety is 0.08.

The ongoing investigation of Gruver's death prohibits the release of the autopsy report and other related documents at present time.

Ballard referred to Louisiana State Legislature for punishment if found guilty of hazing.

“Hazing in any form, or the use of any method of initiation into fraternal organizations in any educational institution supported wholly or in part by public funds, which is likely to cause bodily danger or physical punishment to any student or other person attending any such institution is prohibited.”

Those charged with hazing face a potential fine of up to $100 or between 10 and 30 days imprisonment or both.

If a student, he or she “shall be expelled from the educational institution and not permitted to return during the current session or term in which the violation occurs.”

Whether or not additional charges will be filed is unclear.

“The case is now being handed over to the District Attorney’s office, who would make those types of determinations,” said Ballard.

According to the news release, “the LSU Police Department has communicated with the Gruver family throughout the investigation process, and the university has also been in touch with them regarding today’s arrests.”

As part of LSU’s review of the culture and environment present on campus, LSU President F. King Alexander formed the President's Task Force on Greek Life.

According to a news release, the Task Force, composed of 11 members including students, staff, administrative representation and external volunteers, will begin the review the overall governance and oversight of Greek organizations.

This includes current practices surrounding recruitment and new member education, internal governance and accountability of the organizations by campus councils, chapter advisors, alumni and chapter house corporations.

Phi Delta Theta General Headquarters has since announced the closure of the LSU chapter.

Neighbor News Online will continue to provide updates to this story as more information becomes available.


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It breaks my heart these kids don't just say "enough is enough".

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