Roswell city council debated the rezoning and conditional use of the East Village Super Target Center off Holcomb Bridge Road and deferred voting on the subject until the next city council meeting, June 24.

The proposed rezoning of East Village would include 75,000 square feet of commercial, 76 new town homes and 350 new apartments throughout five buildings.

The town homes will sit directly behind the commercial space with private, residential roads and about an acre of common green space. The green space will be open to people who do not live in the complex and will have a gathering structure for small retail or events.

The property will be mixed use, but commercial and residential spaces will not be integrated with each other. While the complex would be new, no new rezoning will be needed.

The SuperTarget closed in 2017, and has remained vacant since.

“The site is not viable for any type of destination development for two reasons,” said Darin Collier, president of The Worthing Companies, the developer of the site. “First because of geography, lack of proximity and existing development patterns, second the site is at a competitive disadvantage to other nearby activity nodes with larger service areas.”

Traffic in the area prompted a concern from council members and citizens attending the meeting, but the developer assured that the only traffic impact would be on the East Bound approach of Holcomb Bridge Road.

Council members and Collier were unable to reach a decision at the June 10 meeting, even after conditions, such as parallel parking and maximum green space, were proposed. The meeting lasted nearly five hours.

“It’s poorly integrated and needs to be integrated per our code says,” council member Mike Palermo said. “I think we have to realize we are in the driver’s seat and we have the responsibility to the community for the long term benefit for our community and we should not be settling for something that looks attractive tonight but isn’t best for the long-term well-being for our community.”


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Barbara Palermo

As a resident in this area, Holcomb Bridge does not support the traffic currently, adding 76 townhomes and 350 apartments would make traveling even to the Kroger or CVS unbearable. What the Council needs to do is to stop ignoring East Roswell and assist in attracting vendors to fill these empty storefronts. We have the Kohl's, Target and Marshalls storefronts empty. This is a huge amount of square footage collecting dust. My suggestion, as we DO have crime here, is join with John's Creek and Alphatetta to have a small multijurisdictional police annex in one of these locations. This area has all three cities bordering each other right at the site of the Target. We have apartments already that have crime sitting behind the Target. Having a police presence right there should reduce response time when called. Can't the Council look into the feasibility of this? It makes more sense to look into reducing crime rather than increasing the congestion of our roads.

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