Chattahoochee Nature Center in Roswell partners with American Adventure Park Systems for new “eco canopy walk,” opening in the fall.

The eco-canopy walk will “allow visitors to CNC have a fun and educational way to interact with nature by climbing through the treetops and zip lining over one of the center’s ponds.”

Patrons have the chance to “experience the natural world through the eyes of an eagle,” said a news release.

The design features three tiers of adventure: first and second are aerial adventures with the third a combination of aerial bridges and zip lines.

Aerial adventures flow through the tree canopy near Beaver Pond.

According to a news release it is “high enough to be exhilarating within sight of family on the ground.”

The combination of bridges and zip lines brings “a higher, faster, and more exciting trail.”

“These trails will push patrons beyond their comfort levels and allowing them to experience CNC's beautiful natural environment in a new way, with a new perspective, and hopefully learn something about themselves along the way, while having fun,” said Patrick Avery of American Adventure Park Systems.

Avery is the company’s Adventure and Designs Operations Manager.

“This new aerial trails will give visitors to CNC a whole new view of nature,” said Chattahoochee Nature Center Executive Director Chris Nelson.

Nelson describes this as a way for the nature center “to stay in the forefront of offering top-tier activities in nature.”

“Our mission is to connect people to nature and this eco-canopy walk is another tool for us to do that,” he said.

An important factor for both groups, according to a news re-lease, is “preserving nature.”

“With that in mind, the new eco-canopy walk was designed to have a minimal impact on nature and the wildlife in it. The eco-canopy walk is possible with a minimum of tree trimming and using natural corridors through the trees,” said Nelson.

Additionally, construction has been done in a way to “keep trees alive and healthy.”

Safety of walk participants, according to Avery is “our high-est priority.”

“Professional guides will assist patrons with donning gear as well as learning safety instructions which begins with an introduction and welcome to the site,” he said.

Guides will be near at all times along the activity.

AAPS also uses a continuous belay system, making disconnection impossible for participants, adding to the safety.

The eco-canopy walk at the Chattahoochee Nature Center will open in September.

More information is available at

AAPS is the industry leading specialist in adventure park design, construction and management with more than 30 years of combined experience.

More information about American Adventure Parks Systems is available at


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