The joy of decorating a Christmas tree has become a tradition for many.  Families gather together to decorate and see a tree come to life, cities even celebrate a tree lighting as a kick-off to holiday festivities.

But for many, the idea of having a Christmas tree may be slightly out of reach.  Christmas Tree Santas has been working to change since establishment in 2011. 

The Home Depot will partner with Christmas Tree Santas to give more than 150 Christmas trees to local families in need.

Georgia is one of six states where the nonprofit works to distribute trees, partnering with social service agencies nationwide "that help us match deserving client families to our trees."

Christmas Tree Santas partners with the Child Development Academy in Roswell.

According to a spokesperson for the event, approximately 120 of the trees will be received by CDA families with 30 going to local veteran's families.

Christmas Tree Santas and the Home Depot will support families to have "a classic seasonal staple that undoubtedly brightens homes and unites family members throughout the holidays" in their homes.

Home Depot associates and local volunteers will run the giveaway in Roswell, ensuring additional community members have the opportunity to decorate their homes and celebrate Christmas without worrying about how to afford a tree.

“We’re excited to partner with The Home Depot for our most impactful year of giving yet,” says Founder and President of Christmas Tree Santas Alex Gramling.

Home Depot will also be donating ornaments, tree stands and lights along with the trees.

“This time of year is about giving back, and our hope is that the Christmas tree donations will help create long-lasting memories for families in need," said Gramling. 

While the nonprofit expresses the desire and ability to accommodate individual requests, they are presently unable to do so, but are working to expand their reach as they grow.

"Our long term goal is scalable growth to assist more families in more locations," said the website.

Since the establishment of Christmas Tree Santas, more than 4,700 fresh-cut Christmas trees have been provided to low-income families across seven states.

This local donation is a part of the The Home Depot’s larger commitment to donating 2,000 Christmas trees to Christmas Tree Santas this holiday season.

Georgia's donation drive is Dec. 9 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and will be held at the CDA, 89 Grove Way in Roswell.

Volunteers will distribute the trees from central locations in Georgia and five additional states: Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina and Texas.

More information about Christmas Tree Santas is available at


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